CH3 Record Store Day Performance

_DSC0732Celebrating Record Store Day 2014, CH3 did a double header on April 19, with an afternoon in-store performance at Left of the Dial Records in Santa Ana, CA and an evening in-store show at McGreat’s Records in San Clemente. By the Barricade caught the CH3’s early show that introduced the crowd to their new 7” vinyl, History released on Record Store Day in these locations and will be released on Hostage Records beginning Saturday,  April 26 online.

CH3 rocked a packed store with fans peering from behind the racks, through the door and even through the window on the sidewalk. The band founded in the 1980’s does attract an eclectic group of followers due to their “history”. The crowd had a mix of old school fans of the band who made the special trip, shoppers flipping through the record racks, and even passersby who couldn’t help checking out what all the commotion was about. The original members Mike Magrann (vocals and guitar) and Kimm Gardener (vocals and guitar) along with Alf Silva (drums), and Anthony Thompson (vocals and bass) set up their gear and the crowd was in for a treat.
_DSC0747The set was a mix of favorites like “I Didn’t Know,” and “I Got a Gun,” which have remained fan requests and never get old, along with newer tunes.  They cranked through “History” and “Kicked in the Teeth,” the A and B side of the new vinyl and also hit “Land of the Free” from their 2012 release. Through it all, the guys prove they still have that punk edge.

Treat yourself by watching CH3’s music video for “History” and read on to learn about our CH3 Facebook contest.

By the Barricade had a chance to ask CH3 lead singer, Mike Magrann a few questions:

By the Barricade: “History” looks back to the roots of the band. Of course you are a punk band, but in the past you guys have evolved through a number of music styles. Which non-punk style/era was your favorite and why?

Mike: Well, we were lucky (old) enough to be there when the whole punk thing was forming, so of course we were listening to a lot of music before then!  Kimm and I always hung out through Jr High and High School listening to the same kinds of bands: Kiss, Bowie, Aerosmith, lots of cheesy rock stuff that celebrated the joy of music.  I’m a sucker for any well-crafted pop song, anything with melody and hook, and I hope some of these influences come through in our own songs as well!

By the Barricade: Through the years you have had opportunity to travel. What is your favorite place to do a show and why?

_DSC0742Mike: Though nothing beats a local gig, we are always blown away by the response we get in the UK when we gig there.  It’s not the easiest place to play in Europe, but the fans there truly embrace punk as a daily part of their lives.  We were fortunate enough to have our first record released on the No Future label in England, and to this day a lot of folks think we’re an English band.  It is amazing to play and have guys introduce us to their kids-and grandkids and tell us how they had to bring out the whole family to meet us.

By the Barricade: Is there any specific event in the band’s “history” that stands out as one of the great moments?

Mike: There have been so many moments that have been unbelievable, especially when we think back to the days we were just kids banging on the guitars in Mom’s garage.  But I’d say when we heard one of our songs played on the radio, on Rodney’s show on KROQ. That was a shining moment!

By the Barricade: You have done a few record store day shows and support these shops. Do you own an album that is your personal favorite (CH3 or any other band)?

Mike: I’ve still got my first issue of London Calling, but have probably re-bought that record ten times in various forms.  It’s truly a great collection of songs that comes together as an album in its purest form, and it never ever gets old.

By the Barricade: Anything else you would like to tell the By the Barricade readers?

Mike: I’d say Thank You for being here and reading this, and hope you’ll continue to support this fantastic local scene of bands, musicians, sites and clubs!

photoNewsflash– By the Barricade has a contest on Facebook where you can enter to win this signed copy of History!  Enter to win by posting a picture of your Record Store Day purchase(s) on our Facebook page between now and noon (PDT) on May 1. All participants will be entered into a drawing for the vinyl.  Let’s see what new vinyl is in your collection…best of luck!

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If working for Tumaini International helping aids orphans in Kenya isn’t enough, Susan spends almost every waking hour going to shows, doing interviews and editing articles. Her work behind the scenes is only rivaled by her sheer dedication to promoting bands. From Pennywise to other guys she’s covered it all, and been with By the Barricade since day one!

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