Can You Use A Guitar Capo on Ukulele?

Guitar capos raise the pitch of stringed instruments, but they tend to be categorized by the instrument. However, can you use a guitar capo on a ukulele?

Yes, you can use a guitar capo on a ukulele. While a guitar capo can be used on a ukulele, the fit may not be perfect due to the size difference between a guitar and a ukulele. Guitar capos are typically larger and may be awkward on a smaller instrument like a ukulele. However, in a pinch, they can certainly do the job.

A guitar capo can be used on a ukulele. However, guitar capos are larger than regular ukulele capos, so there’s a chance that using a guitar capo to play a ukulele will be uncomfortable and could cause an unwanted buzz. The best guitar capos styles to use on a ukulele are spring and trigger styles.

Now that we know it’s possible to use a guitar capo on a ukulele, we are going to go over the differences between ukulele and guitar capos, and the different styles of guitar capos that you can use on a ukulele.

What is a Capo?

Capo is an Italian word for “head,” a small device that clamps onto the neck of a guitar to shorten the strings and raise the pitch. Although there are several different types of capos, they all have the same purpose.

Guitar capos change the pitch of open strings without adjusting the tuning keys. The pitch of fretted notes does not change. Only the pitch of the open, unfretted strings will change.

Pros and Cons of Using a Guitar Capo on a Ukulele


  1. Versatility: If you play both guitar and ukulele, using a guitar capo can be a versatile solution, eliminating the need for two separate devices.
  2. Availability: Guitar capos are more common and easier to find in music stores.


  1. Size mismatch: A guitar capo might be too large or heavy for a ukulele, potentially affecting the instrument’s balance or comfort.
  2. Pressure on strings: Guitar capos may exert excessive pressure on ukulele strings, potentially leading to tuning issues.

Tips on Using a Guitar Capo on a Ukulele

If you decide to use a guitar capo on a ukulele, here are some tips to ensure you get the best results:

  1. Position carefully: Ensure the capo is positioned directly over the fret to avoid tuning problems.
  2. Check tuning: After applying the capo, always adjust your tuning as necessary.
  3. Choose an adjustable capo: An adjustable tension capo can mitigate some pressure from using a guitar capo on a ukulele.

Alternatives To Using a Guitar Capo for Ukuleles

While a guitar capo can work on a ukulele, alternatives, these are typically smaller, lighter, and apply the appropriate amount of pressure to the ukulele strings. Brands like D’Addario, Fender, and G7th produce high-quality ukulele capos worth considering.

1. Ukulele Capo

The best alternative: use the capos built for ukuleles.

Ukulele capos are designed to fit the smaller neck of the ukulele. They are also smaller, lighter, and shorter in size than guitar capos. A ukulele capo will not protrude past the neck as a guitar capo would on your ukulele. It also will be much more comfortable to play with, and the capo won’t get in the way.

The best kinds of capos to use on a ukulele are spring and trigger-style capos. These capos are the most commonly used and the least expensive types of capos. A guitar capo will never perfectly fit a ukulele, so you may notice that the sound isn’t quite right. You may also notice buzzing on some of the strings because the capo isn’t pressing evenly on the fretboard.

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Ukulele Capo, 2 Pack Capos for Ukulele, Professional Ukulele Capo for All Various Shapes, Buzzing-Free, Quick Release, Easy to Use, Lightweight Portable for Travel, Black and Rosewood
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  • Wide Applications: Uniform Brushed spray, not only the luster color but also bring the comfortable grip feel when in use. This kapo is compatible with various shape of ukulele, which allows you to change intervals quickly.
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WINGO Pro Ukulele Capo for Soprano Concert Baritone,Rosewood.
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  • Strong Spring–Spring action clamp holds capo firmly in place, keeps strings in tune.
  • Lightweight–Samll size with light weight,easy to carry and stock.
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2. Trigger Capo

The most popular type of capo is the trigger capo because it is incredibly easy and simple to use. The trigger capo allows you to change the key of your guitar or ukulele by just squeezing it. It has a spring-action clamp that keeps the capo firmly in place. It has a slim profile that allows you to play easily without the capo getting in the way.

This type of capo also has special padding that keeps the neck of your instrument from getting scratched. It is typically made of lightweight aluminum, which makes it easy to use with a ukulele as well, as it won’t weigh down the neck.

To use this capo, open it with the trigger, place it on the desired guitar fret, and release your grip. The pressure from the spring action clamp will ensure that the capo remains firmly in place.

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  • Item Package Dimension: 5.799999994084L x 4.199999995716W x 0.899999999082H inches
  • Item Package Weight – 0.1 Pounds

3. Screw Capo

Screw capos give you much more control over the tension of your instrument’s strings, but they take longer to set up than most capos. These capos are pretty similar to trigger capos, except they use an adjustable screw rather than a spring mechanism. It takes more time to move this capo across a fretboard because you have to screw and unscrew it.

Although these capos take longer to set up, they allow you to change the pressure of the strings more than other capos. Most performers don’t use this capo because it takes much more time to set up than other capos.

Bestseller No. 1
Hamilton Capo, Thumb Screw type
  • KB19 is a Guitar Capo with a screw adjustment that offers secure mounting with a knob tightening neck clamp
  • This guitar capo has a swiveling tension bar that can be easily added or removed when necessary
  • The chrome-plated capo features a traditional design with felt and soft plastic cushions
  • Hamilton capos have been around for years.
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D’Addario Accessories Guitar Capo – NS Tri Action – For 6-String Electric and Acoustic Guitars – Micrometer Tension Adjustment for Buzz-Free, In-Tune Performance – Integrated Pick Holder, Black (PW-CP-09)
  • TUNED IN: Designed for use on 6-string electric and acoustic guitars, the micrometer tension adjustment on the black Tri-Action Capo ensures the proper force is being applied to the neck of the guitar for buzz-free, in-tune performance at any fret.
  • TRI-ACTION GEOMETRY: Tri-Action geometry reduces the force required to open and close the capo and applies even tension regardless of neck profile.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: The single hand, easy to operate Tri-Action Capo clamps to the headstock when not in use. An integrated pick holder stores your pick in a convenient location when playing fingerstyle.
  • STRONG CONSTRUCTION: The NS Tri-Action Capo is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum making it rugged enough to take a beating, but very lightweight on the fretboard. It adds negligible weight to the neck of the instrument.
  • D’ADDARIO ACCESSORIES: For over 20 years, D’Addario Accessories (formerly Planet Waves) has been leading the industry in innovative and problem-solving products that serve musicians worldwide.
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Paige 6-string Standard Guitar Capo – Made in the USA – Satin Nickel
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4. Toggle Capo

A toggle capo is a very lightweight capo that uses adjustable straps to create tension. The notches on this capo can be used to tighten the capo when increased. Most performers find themselves using this capo because it’s small and lightweight.

People also barely notice them when playing. Because they are lightweight, they are great to use with ukuleles. The only downside is that these capos tend to stretch and wear out faster than others. However, they’re very affordable and easily replaceable.

5. Roller Capo

This capo is the least common one among guitarists. However, some guitarists prefer this capo because it applies pressure to both the front and back of the fretboard. It is also easy to reposition. You can also just slide it over the nut when you are not using it so you can easily access it when you need it.

The biggest downside to this capo is that it doesn’t allow you to adjust the tension and it might scratch your guitar. It also does not fit classical or 12-string guitars.

6. Shubb Capo

Shubb capos are a good mix between the screw capo and trigger capo. It has a lever design that can be adjusted for tension and can also be easily clipped on and combines the precision of the screw capo with the convenience and speed of the trigger capo.

It also has a rubber contact surface that mimics the human finger, which can help prevent any tuning problems or damage to the guitar. These capos are more expensive than the other capos we’ve talked about, but they are well worth it for many guitarists. However, you might not want to use a Shubb capo with your ukulele because they are more expensive than other types of capos.

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C1 Shubb Standard series Acoustic Guitar Capo – Polished Nickel
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  • Unique among adjustable capos, with Shubb you can “set it and forget it”- no need to reset the pressure with each use
  • Locking and removing is as simple as flipping the lever
  • Custom-made rubber works just like a fingertip and effortlessly keeps your guitar in tune
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Shubb Guitar Capo (S1)
  • Distinctive capo design that has been loved and trusted by musicians for over 35 years
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  • Locking and removing is as simple as flipping the lever
  • Custom-made rubber works just like a fingertip and effortlessly keeps your guitar in tune
  • To learn more about this product, see our Product Description below
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Shubb Guitar Capo (C2K),Black Chrome
  • Distinctive capo design that has been loved and trusted by musicians for over 35 years
  • Unique among adjustable capos, with Shubb you can “set it and forget it”- no need to reset the pressure with each use
  • Locking and removing is as simple as flipping the lever
  • Custom-made rubber works just like a fingertip and effortlessly keeps your guitar in tune
  • To learn more about this product, see our Product Description below

Capo FAQs

1. Do I Need a Special Capo for My Ukulele?

While there are specific capos designed for ukuleles, it is not necessary to have one. A guitar capo can be used effectively on a ukulele if it doesn’t mute or distort the strings. However, ukulele capos are smaller and lighter and may fit more comfortably on the ukulele’s neck.

Where Should I Position the Capo on My Ukulele?

The position of the capo on the ukulele depends on the key you want to play in. You can place the capo on any fret to change the key. The capo should be positioned right behind the fret, not on top, and apply enough pressure to hold the strings down without causing them to buzz.

Does Using a Capo Change the Tuning of My Ukulele?

Using a capo does not change the tuning of your ukulele, but it does change the key you are playing in. This is because the capo effectively moves the nut of your ukulele, shortening the strings and raising the pitch.

Can a Capo Damage My Ukulele?

A capo, if used correctly, should not damage your ukulele. However, if the capo is overly tight or left on for a long time, it could cause damage. It’s always a good idea to remove the capo when you’re not playing and to ensure it’s not overly tight when in use.

Are There Different Types of Capos for Different Types of Ukuleles?

Generally, capos are universal and can be used on different types of ukuleles, from soprano to baritone. However, it’s always a good idea to check the product description to ensure the capo suits your specific ukulele.

How Can I Use a Capo to Transpose Songs on My Ukulele?

You can use a capo to transpose a song to a different key by placing the capo on the fret corresponding to the number of half steps you want to transpose the song by. For example, if you’re going to transpose a song by one whole step (two half steps), you would place the capo on the second fret.

Can I Use a Capo on an Electric Ukulele?

Yes, you can use a capo on an electric ukulele just as you would on an acoustic one. The capo will serve the same purpose of changing the key you are playing without requiring you to retune or change your fingering patterns.

What are the different types of guitar capos?

Two different capos should only be used on guitars: strap capos and toggle capos. These capos are designed to cinch a metal bar as tight as possible against the strings. This type of capo would not work well with a ukulele because the neck of a ukulele is too small, and the capo is too wide.

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