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Most of our “Best Instrument” articles on By the Barricade are focused on popular, show-worthy instruments such as guitars, drums, saxophones, and more. But this article is different.

This time, we’re talking kazoos. Specifically, what is the best kazoo you can buy?

The best kazoo offers a great value, a pleasing timbre, and feels solid. Furthermore, there is a distinction between toy kazoos and enthusiast-grade kazoos.

Read on to learn about some of the highest-quality kazoos available.

Why Kazoos?

Kazoos are infamous in the realms of comedy and children’s birthday parties. Sure, most people can’t name a famous kazooist from the top of their heads, and you’ve probably never been chilling with a group of friends and heard someone say, “Time for some kazoo jams!”

But there’s more to kazoos than being near the top of the “why did I give this to my child?” regret list.

While it’s hard to claim that kazoos are as versatile as guitars or pianos, they are capable accompaniment instruments — much like harmonicas. They are unique in that they don’t produce distinct notes. That task falls to the kazooist.

An analogy: kazoos do to the human voice what fuzz pedals do to an electric guitar. Of course, the results are quite different.

Here’s another benefit of the instrument, and it’s a big one: kazoos are super affordable. They are small, simple, and easy to manufacture. You can buy a pack of 5 for $4.99, making them cheaper than many guitar picks and saxophone reeds. Even something fairly fancy, such as this Fartime Silver Kazoo, costs $7.99.

Types of Kazoos

There are many types of kazoos to fulfill various tastes. The best kazoo for everyone does not exist.

We recommend taking a look at what’s out there, as there is an astounding amount of diversity. You are not restricted to cheap plastic pipes.

Additionally, metal and wood are common kazoo materials with different merits. It is hard to illustrate their unique sound differences with words.

A man with an interesting mustache provides a demonstration in the video below:

Below, we break down several categories of kazoo and review the best options for each.

Best Plastic Kazoos

Cheap, colorful, and fun — plastic kazoos have their merits. There’s a reason they’re such a popular part of children’s birthday parties and comedy spoofs.

Plastic kazoos, by design, might not be the best for making music. Instead, they are a fun tool to annoy friends and family. Thus, the best plastic kazoos don’t take themselves too seriously.

However, quality is still important. The best plastic kazoos keep unpleasant buzzing to a minimum.

Here are three marvelous choices that meet these criteria:

A Classic Party Favor: Blulu Plastic Kazoos – 10 Pack

Plastic Kazoos Musical Instruments with Kazoo Flute Diaphragms for Gift, Prize and Party Favors, 5 Colors (10 Pieces)
  • Sturdy material: plastic kazoos are made of quality plastic, not easy to break, non-toxic and durable, the edges has been polished, a rather simple musical instrument but has lot of fun to play with
  • How to Use: 1 put the wider side of the kazoo in the mouth; 2 Sing a melody in your voice, just hum it loudly; 3 Don’t need to blow, you can’t make a sound when you blow; 4 The vibration of vocal cords drives the vibration of the sound film on the kazoo to make a sound; The playing of kazoo is related to the level of voice
  • Vibrant colors: 10 pieces kazoo instruments in 5 bright colors, such as red, blue, purple, yellow, green, simple but elegant design, loved by teens and an eye-catching instrument to play with

Blulu’s plastic kazoos, which is fun to say, are also fun to play. At less than $1 per kazoo, you could buy several packs and make a colorful kazoo sculpture because there is no compelling reason not to do so.

However, most people buy these for prize and party favors. They also make sound, although that is secondary to their vibrant visual appeal.


  • Colorful
  • Cheap


  • Sound quality isn’t the best

A Colorful, Musical Gift: SUNYIN Plastic Kazoos – 6 Pieces

SUNYIN Kazoo instrument Plastic 6 Pieces Colorful Kazoo Musical Instruments Companion for Piano Ukulele Guitar Party Gift
  • Easy to carry: little size can put it in your bag or pocket so that you can play with it and enjoy your music world when you want.Not easy to damage by kids.
  • Easy to learn: sturdy little thing,just hum love song follow your heart without any music foundation
  • GET MORE FUN : Suitable for all-age learn hum song and rhythm practise,Accompanies For Pro Guitar & Ukulele players or paly in party

These SUNYIN plastic kazoos are a bit pricier than the Blulu at over $2.00 per instrument. Those with superfluous funds might consider splurging on these.

You’ll also get a nice box along to keep everything together — perfect if you’re gifting them to a kazoo enthusiast.

The SUNYINs are also quite durable, making them ideal for those who actually want to keep playing them for more than a day before throwing them away. In other words, they’re a bit more mature than other plastic kazoos.


  • High-quality gift box included
  • Elegant design
  • Decent sound quality


  • There are better-sounding options still

A Versatile Duo: SUNYIN Kazoo Instrument Aluminum & Plastic 2 Pieces

SUNYIN Kazoo instrument Aluminum & Plastic 2 Pieces Kazoo Musical Instruments Companion for Piano Ukulele Guitar Party Kazoo For Kid And Adult
  • Pocket Musical Instrument Kazoo : mini size aluminum & plastic kazoo can put into bags or pocket,then you can play it and enjoy your music world when and where
  • Easy To Learn : sturdy little kazoo,just hum love song follow your heart without any music foundation
  • GET MORE FUN : Suitable to hum song and rhythm practise,Accompanies For Pro Guitar & Ukulele players or paly in party,kazoo fit children and adults

Plastic kazoos have unique qualities that enable them to produce tones you won’t get with other kind of kazoos. However, you might want the bright and folksy sound of an aluminum kazoo at your disposal, too.

This SUNYIN offering provides a plastic and an aluminum kazoo in one package. Together, they provide more tonal freedom and a more substantial harmonic range for kazooists.

Generally, the plastic kazoo is best suited for a lower, raspier sound that is so stereo-typically kazoo. The aluminum one excels with higher notes.


  • Together, a plastic and metal kazoo provide more range
  • A charming box and case


  • The kazoos themselves seem to fall on the cheap side in terms of quality

Best Metal Kazoos

Many people aren’t aware that metal kazoos exist. The plastic party kazoos get all of the attention, although they may not have the most flattering sound.

Metal kazoos are great for those who want something a little more “mature” in an accompaniment instrument. Aluminum kazoos are the most common kind of metal kazoo. However, an aluminum kazoo tends to cost more than a plastic kazoo — obviously. Yet, we’re still talking about single digit dollar amounts.

Also, it’s a little more dignifying to hold a metal kazoo than a plastic one, so that’s something.

Here are a few of the best metal kazoos you can find on Amazon.

Durability in Bulk: Foraineam 24-Pack Metal Kazoos

Foraineam 24-Pack Metal Kazoos with 24 Pcs Kazoo Flute Diaphragms 6 Colors Musical Instruments, A Good Companion for Ukulele, Violin, Guitar, Piano Keyboard
  • Package Content – Includes 24pcs metal kazoo + 24pcs kazoo flute diaphragm. Kazoo comes with 6 colors: silver, golden, red, blue, green, purple, 4pcs of each color
  • Material – High quality aluminum metal body, light-weight and durable. The surface of kazoo is smooth and delicate
  • Portable Size – 4.8″ x 1.0″ x 0.8″ / 12.2cm x 2.6cm x 2cm, it’s portable and easy to carry that you can just put it into your pocket, which make it the ideal outdoor companion for all ages

If you want to upgrade your prize and party gift game without sacrificing the whimsical colors of plastic kazoos, this 24-pack is the perfect solution. They are just as vibrant as the Blulu plastic kazoos we looked at earlier.

They’re still pretty affordable, too. And because they’re made of aluminum, they’ll last significantly longer.

It’s hard to beat the price-per-unit of these guys. In the right hands (and mouths), they are excellent for jazzing up campfire songs and more.


  • Colorful and shiny
  • Durable construction


  • They look better than they sound

For Committed Kazooists: Ueteto Adjustable Membrane Kazoo

Kazoos with 5 extra Membranes, Metal Kazoo with Adjustable Tone for Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Piano, Keyboard, Easy to Learn Musical Instruments for Kids/adults/Music Lovers. (black)
  • Easy to play- Kazoos is a unique musical instrument that is extremely easy to play. No need to learn music theory or even no need to practice that you can master the playing skills easily. The tones can be adjusted by twisting the lid on the membranes. Just hum, not to blow.
  • Widely applications-It is the ideal outdoor companion for all ages and for instruments like guitar, ukulele, keyboard—super cool to have it on the trail, around the campfire, camping, hiking, backpacking, boy scouts and traveling.
  • Convenient to carry-The Kazoos is very light and easy to carry around as it comes with a string which you can attach to the kazoo, and just hang on your neck like a necklace and pick up to play anytime and anywhere. There is also a silicone cover to keep the mouthpiece clean.

This Ueteto metal kazoo does not look like your typical kazoo. That’s because it isn’t.

On top of the instrument is an adjustable dial. By turning it, you can alter the tone of the instrument. Without a doubt, it is the most flexible and versatile kazoo we’ve discussed so far.

It has an aluminum body with a silicone sleeve to cover the mouthpiece when not in use.

If you have any doubts about the tonal quality, we encourage you to check out the demo video on Amazon. You’ll quickly see that this is no mere toy, but an excellent tool to compliment almost any instrument.


  • Adjustable membrane provides high tone flexibility
  • A premium sound for a kazoo
  • Extra membranes increase lifespan


  • Pricey for a kazoo

A Wilderness Companion: The Original Blue Kazoo

The Original Blue Kazoo – Aluminum Musical Instrument – Ultralight Backpacking Kazoo – Includes Canvas Bag & Carabiner – Easy to Carry – Kazoos For Kids & Adults
  • KAZOO FOR ME, KAZOO FOR YOU – Kazoos are small and simple instruments that are extremely easy to play and are the perfect travel companion. Just hum, don’t blow, and watch as the pipe plays a sound that you can turn into music
  • METAL ALUMINUM MUSIC INSTRUMENT – The Blue Kazoo is made from anodized aluminum giving it a solid build that is strong, durable, and reliable. It is corrosion resistant and can easily disassemble for cleaning. Comes with 2 spare kazoo membranes
  • CANVAS BAG & CARABINER – The Original Blue Kazoo also comes with an included canvas bag to store and keep your kazoo instrument safe and a carabiner that the bag clips to for traveling, perfect for taking on camping or hiking trips

Spending time in the wilderness — be it through hiking, camping, fishing, and more — is an enthralling experience for which there is no substitute. However, there are plenty of times where it gets terribly boring out there.

The Original Blue Kazoo is certainly pricier than most, but it is built to withstand outdoor conditions. It is lightweight and includes a clip-on bag for storage. Thus, it won’t weigh you down as you climb steep terrain or flee from danger if things go south.

Meanwhile, you can leave your bulky acoustic guitar at home where it’s safe.


  • Rugged and durable build
  • Looks great
  • Gorgeous bag


  • Pricey
  • No adjustable dial

Best Wooden Kazoos

Out of three primary kazoo materials, wooden kazoos tend to cost the most. You’ll also find that they have a more serious aesthetic as opposed to the bright colors of plastic kazoos.

And even with a relatively high price point compared to plastic and metal kazoos, wooden kazoos are among the most affordable noise-making objects there are.

For Raising the Dead: Milisten Wood Kazoo

Milisten Wood Kazoo Kazoo Musical Instrument Ukulele Guitar Partner Guitar Accompany Wood Harmonica Flutes for Music Lover
  • The structure is simple, no need to learn music theory, no need to recite music scores, it is very suitable for children to use for enlightenment.
  • The kazoo can work well with other instruments and is very practical.
  • Classic wooden kazoo with beautiful and smooth surface. Simple construction and easy to play.

While this kazoo may look like a coffin, it offers pleasing tones that will make you appreciate life for a bit. It does not appear to be made of a specific kind of wood, but rather a synthetic wood-like material.

However, at twelve bucks it is hard to beat. Even if the material is “wood-ish” as opposed to pure wood, most will not notice a significant tone difference.

Also, it is ideal for older children who are more serious about music and may have outgrown the gimmicky appeal of cheap, plastic models.


  • Sounds nice
  • Looks nice


  • Not “real” wood

Another Versatile Pick: SUNYIN Wooden & Aluminum Kazoo with Gift Box

SUNYIN Wooden&Aluminum Kazoo,Beautiful Gift Box for Kazoo Present,Simplest Musical Instrument Wooden Kazoo Aluminum Kazoo For Adult Kids(Silver)
  • The Wooden kazoo made of Canada red cedar,excellent crafting with muffled voice.The metal kazoo made of quality aluminum alloy,timbre is bright and delicate.Metal kazoo great of Soprano but lack of basso,the wood kazoo is design for Increasing basso.Kazoo for adult and kid
  • EASY to LEARN – Exquisite beautiful crafted kazoo,sturdy little thing,easy to put in pocket when traveling,just hum love song follow your heart without any music foundation
  • GET MORE FUN – Wooden and aluminum alloy kazoo suitable to learn hum song and rhythm practise,Accompanies For Pro Guitar & Ukulele players

A single kazoo offers limited tonal qualities. Once again, SUNYIN recognizes the power of two kazoos made of different materials.

In this case, you’ll get a metal kazoo (which has brighter tones) and a wooden kazoo (if you want something warmer). They’re both compact and lightweight enough that carrying both is not a burden.

This package also includes a neat gift box.

Compact and Robust: Drfeify Kazoo for Kids, Wooden Kazoo Guitar Ukulele Accompaniment

Drfeify Kazoo for Kids, Wooden Kazoo Guitar Ukulele Accompaniment Instrument Kids Learner
  • CONVENIENT TO USE : Don’t need to learn professional music theory, just put the wooden ancestors in your mouth and follow your heart.
  • WIND INSTRUMENT : Kazoo is a very special wind instrument. Its own membrane and resonance tube can amplify our hum and then produce a hoarse sound similar to a saxophone.
  • EASY TO CARRY : Wooden Kazoo antiques, small and portable. Replace 2 membranes and 1 membrane cover.

The Drfeify wooden kazoo is thin enough to fit into your wallet. Its design is straightforward, getting rid of the taper of other kazoos in favor of a simple rectangular form.

It is a primal instrument, resembling something prehistoric humans might have played around a fire. As the product description says, “just put the wooden ancestors in your mouth.”

While we’re not exactly sure what wooden ancestors are, unless Drfeify is trying to sell this kazoo to trees, this is an excellent no-frills choice.


  • Super compact
  • Sturdy
  • Classier sound than plastic kazoos


  • Lack of features

Best Electric Kazoos

Electric kazoos? You are probably thinking one of two things:

  1. Awesome!
  2. Why??

Electrification has enabled awesome musical transformations. It made the bass guitar audible on stage, and with electric guitars came new musical genres.

Now computers are at the forefront of music production. Instruments that can output electronic signals directly to audio-software interfaces are hugely convenient.

In large part to this, you can find electric (or digital) versions of pianos, violins, drums, and many more instruments. It seems inevitable that kazoos have joined the trend.

Still asking, “Why?” Let’s clarify.

Electric kazoos bring unbelievable versatility. For example, if you want to use a compressor pedal with your kazoo, you can. If you want to utilize computer software to make your kazoo more like a saxophone, you can.

Below you’ll find some of the best electric kazoos available online:

Discreetly Electric: Kazoobie HUMMbucker Electric Kazoo

Kazoobie HUMMbucker Electric Kazoo (colors may vary)
  • Includes plastic kazoo; 4-3/4″ long
  • Professional Grade Pickup; 15′ replaceable cable with 1/4″ plug
  • Kazoo is 100% made in the USA!

Looks deceive with this kazoo. What looks like your standard plastic kazoo hides an electronic pickup. The only visual distinction from a normal kazoo is the large instrument cable attached to the diaphragm.

Like sleeper cars that pack immense horsepower in an unimpressive exterior, this kazoo looks as basic as can be. But that changes when you plug it into an amp.

Keep in mind that this product comes in many colors, none of which are guaranteed when you order it. This is by design.

Also, this is a metal kazoo. It doesn’t look like it, but you’ll appreciate the durability and feel when you pick it up.

All in all, this kazoo is full of surprises.


  • Colorful
  • Affordable for an electric kazoo
  • Pickup is removable


  • If you find regular plastic kazoos annoying, adding an amp won’t help

Elegant and Sleek: TianChunyue Metal Kazoo with 5 Flute Diaphragms

Electric Kazoos for Adults,Metal Kazoo with 5 Flute Diaphragms,Kazoos with Adjustable Tone for Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Piano, Keyboard,Mini Kazoos Musical Instruments Bulk (Electric Black)
  • 【Electronic Kazoo】The electronic metal kazoo can be direct connection to speakers.Using high-sensitivity dynamic microphone head pickup, the sound reproduction is high, and the tone is clear and full.
  • 【Easy to Use】Plug and play, easy and convenient. Just adjust the position and press down slightly.The opening design of the pickup box prevents whistling and background noise.
  • 【Professional Tuning Technology】Customized tuning according to the timbre characteristics of the kazoo, the sound is highly restored. The 3-meter cable allows you to perform as you wish without restriction. A good partner for guitar, ukulele, violin, piano keyboard ect.

This electric and metal kazoo offers various captivating colors. Even though this kazoo brings more to its owner than being pretty, it’s hard to turn down a colorful kazoo.

It also comes in black if that’s what you prefer.

Children, of course, are prime recipients. This kazoo is a great entry into the world of playing an instrument (and all of its cognitive benefits). It commands more respect than cheaper kazoos — especially when you plug it into an amp and pump the volume.


  • More mature than other kazoos
  • Decent sound


  • Mixed reviews

The BEST Kazoo? Ueteto Metal Electric Kazoo with Pickup

Metal Electric Kazoo with Pickup(Electric Black)
  • Electric Kazoo with Professional Grade Pickup; 15′ replaceable cable with 1/4″ plug
  • Good as a gift-The kazoo is packed in an exquisite gift box, and works perfectly as a mini musical instrument gift for children and music lovers. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy which is durable and portable, no fading and no rusting.
  • Convenient to carry-The Kazoos is very light and easy to carry around as it comes with a string which you can attach to the kazoo, and just hang on your neck like a necklace and pick up to play anytime and anywhere. There is also a silicone cover to keep the mouthpiece clean.

At forty dollars, this is the most expensive kazoo we’ve listed. Of course, it’s still cheaper than a weekly grocery haul.

While many of the previous kazoos (with a couple exceptions) target children and immature adults, Ueteto seems to target serious instrumentalists.

If you’ve noticed the resemblance to the $14 Ueteto Adjustable Membrane Kazoo, that’s because this is the same model. Obviously, this one has an electronic pickup that the cheaper variant does not.

Ultimately, the Ueteto Metal Electric Kazoo makes no compromises. If you need a quality kazoo, it fulfills almost every need.


  • A quality pickup
  • Adjustable dial
  • Aluminum build


  • The most expensive kazoo we’ve covered

The Best Kazoo You Can Buy

Unfortunately, there is no “best kazoo” for everyone. If there was, we would not have gone into such detail about several different models.

But if we had to pick, the $39.99 Ueteto Metal Electric Kazoo would be it. It is one of the best kazoos you can buy (without going into custom-made, handcrafted kazoos). It has the most premium feel and feature set, including replaceable membranes and an adjustable tone.

Furthermore, the electric pickups enable you to plug it into an audio interface for endless tonal freedom via software.

If you don’t care for its electrical capabilities, the base version — the Ueteto Adjustable Membrane Kazoo — has everything else that makes this a killer kazoo.


Kazoos come in many varieties. Plastic kazoos are the most common, as they are very popular in children’s parties.

However, you can also purchase wooden, metal, and electric kazoos. Each material and type brings a different kind of sound. Metal kazoos are bright and durable. Wooden kazoos are slightly pricier but offer (arguably) a premium sound.

Furthermore, electric kazoos allow you to record your kazoo sessions without the need for a high-quality microphone. You simply plug into an audio interface connected to your computer.

The best kazoo depends on your style and your musical desires. If you had to buy one, though, the Ueteto Metal Electric Kazoo has almost every feature possible in a kazoo.

But if you just want something straightforward and quirky with no frills, there are many options. When it comes to kazoos, sometimes simple and cheap is best.

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