Top 10 Podcasts for Musicians

Top 10 Podcasts for Musicians

There are millions of podcasts about many topics, each with episodes released regularly. With all of these podcasts available, it is easy for musicians to find one that discusses the areas of music they are most interested in.

Podcasts are a resource that all musicians can benefit from using. Read on to learn about some of the most popular and best-rated podcasts for musicians to find some that interest you!

1. Song Exploder

This podcast is a great way to get into new music and understand the stories behind new songs. The host of Song Exploder is Hrishikesh Hirway, also known for other podcasts such as The West Wing Weekly, Book Exploder, and Home Cooking. The man has a knack for creating popular podcasts with quality content.

In each episode of Song Exploder, Hirway works with the writers of a specific song and breaks it down piece by piece. The purpose is to explain the origin, development, and meaning behind individual songs for audiences to better appreciate and understand them.

Some podcast guests include Billie Eilish, U2, Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, Solange, Lorder, Bon Iver, The Roots, and Yo-Yo-Ma. Episodes are about 30 minutes, and the content is exciting and high quality. You can listen to this podcast on most music streaming platforms.

2. Lost Notes

Each season of the Lost Notes podcast has a specific theme. The podcast’s host, theme, and vibes change regularly to keep the content fresh and exciting for listeners. Lost Notes is a production of KCRW, a US radio station. The main tagline that the podcast is known for is that it is a “collection of the greatest music stories never told.” Tune in to these episodes for some interesting stories about music. You can listen to this podcast on Spotify.

3. Dissect

Unlike most music podcasts, Dissect spends a lot of time on songs. Each podcast season analyzes a single music album, meaning the host only discusses two different albums yearly. Each episode covers a single song on the album. Cole Cuchna, the host, knows how to nerd out on music and provides a very thought-provoking analysis of each piece he analyzes. You can listen to this podcast on most music streaming platforms.


Ross Golan is the host, producer, and advocate of the AND THE WRITER IS… podcast. The man is more than qualified, as he is a multi-platinum songwriter known for writing hits sung by Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber. Because of this experience, this podcast is an incredible opportunity to see what happens in the music industry behind closed doors. While anyone interested in music would be intrigued by this podcast, it mainly benefits those who write their music.

5. DIY Musician Podcast

In this series, each episode is about 45 minutes to 1 hour long. This podcast discusses some of the challenges and tasks that musicians face today. Some recent episodes covered some of the ways aspiring and early musicians can succeed in the field through live streaming on Facebook, online advertising, coping with rejection, and even how to make money from sync licensing.

DIY Musician Podcast has featured guest stars such as Dan Zanes, Lisa Lepine, Jackie Venson, and Gil Assayas. There are more than 300 episodes currently available, and the audience following this podcast is growing steadily.

6. Broken Record

There is a lot of content covered in each episode of Broken Record, with each episode having a run time of about 50 to 120 minutes. The hosts are famous producer Rick Rubin and iconic songwriter Malcolm Gladwell. In the podcast, Rubin and Gladwell hold interviews with different artists. They work to give listeners an inside scoop on the guest artist and their music. You can listen to this podcast on most music streaming platforms.

7. Soul Music

Unlike many other podcasts listed above, Soul Music keeps its episodes short and sweet, with an average run time of only half an hour. With increasing popularity, the Soul Music podcast has its twist in terms of content. Episodes analyze a specific song, but instead of diving deeper into the meaning and only focusing on the artist’s intentions, the podcast also looks at how the music has impacted society and the audience.

8. How To Build A Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams

How To Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams is the podcast version of a best-selling Amazon novel that Emily White wrote. White is a partner at Collective Entertainment and the founder of the #iVoted Festival podcast.

During the podcast How To Build A Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams, White provides precious advice on how to begin a successful career in music and profit from revenue streams. She also discusses her book and various topics with special guests in the music industry.

9. The Set Up

Musicians can gain valuable advice from listening to episodes of The Set Up. Interviews with guest stars help reveal how many things work behind the scenes in the music industry, which is valuable information for new and upcoming musicians of all ages. The experiences shared by professionals during this podcast are turned into advice that involved listeners can easily apply and act upon.

10. Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault

The average episode of Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault has a run time of about half an hour, rarely dropping below 20 minutes or above 40 minutes. Many listeners are brought to the podcast simply because of their interest in the famous Alice Cooper, but other musicians also benefit from the podcast. Widely renowned and famous musicians are featured on the show, giving listeners a unique opportunity to hear from some of their most admired heroes in the industry.

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