Best Chair For Playing Guitar

Best Chair For Playing Guitar

Have you felt that practicing guitar on your bed or your couch is no longer cutting it for you?

Let’s be more specific. Is your back or neck telling you that practicing on your bed and couch is no longer cutting it?
Then perhaps it’s time to invest in a guitar chair for yourself!

Fortunately, there is an array of seats for you to choose from. There are so many models and makes out there that picking a single guitar chair will likely be a tall order.

That’s why we have created this buyer’s guide to help you out on this hunt for some reliable equipment. You’ll also find a few things to remember when considering why you might need a music chair.

Best Chair For Playing Guitar (Quick Summary)

Cedarslink LK-STU Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
Rockville RDS42 Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
Fender 351 Studio Seat/Stand Combo
Cedarslink LK-STU Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
Rockville RDS42 Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
Fender 351 Studio Seat/Stand Combo
Cedarslink LK-STU Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
Cedarslink LK-STU Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
Rockville RDS42 Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
Rockville RDS42 Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
Fender 351 Studio Seat/Stand Combo
Fender 351 Studio Seat/Stand Combo

If you’re a person who enjoys music, you might want a chair for multiple musical styles. After all, why spend money on three different seats, when one will do?

If you want to cover all your musical needs, then you’ll want to look at CedarsLink’s portable and adjustable chair. Whether it’s a guitar, a keyboard, or a DJ turntable, this little chair has you covered. It helps you at home, in the studio, or on stage in front of a packed audience.

Don’t let the skeletal, bare-bones frame fool you: This is not a piece of cheaply built piece of kit that you buy because it is the first and easiest chair to buy.

This is a well-built chair in every sense. It doesn’t shake or feel like it will fall apart, it’s comfortable to sit in and use, the upholstery and fabric feel high-quality.


  • A very comfortable seat – It’s very easy to spend hours comfortably in this chair. Don’t worry about feeling discomfort, or aches and pains the day after. Great for those long sessions that you just get lost in.
  • Substantial support – The backrest is a much-appreciated addition. It gives you the support you require when playing, especially for hours at a time. Definitely, this is something you’ll want if your back is suffering from any issues.
  • Amazing Adjustability – Great for accommodating a whole range of shapes and sizes of people who might want to use it.
  • Portable – you can take this handy little chair with you wherever you might need it.


  • Quite a lot of space is required – This seat has a pretty big footprint for a chair of this size. You may find that it doesn’t fit too well in small spaces while remaining comfortable. Keep this in mind if you are using a small studio or venue when using this music chair.

Rockville RDS42 Portable Padded Adjustable Chair

Rockville RDS42 Portable DJ/Guitar/Drum/Keyboard Padded Throne/Chair Adjustable
  • Features: Sturdy, lightweight steel construction, Ergonomic design reduces fatigue and stress on your back and legs
  • Stay comfortable without looking like you are sitting down on the job, Compact and discrete, hides easily behind your rig, Lean on it while mixing
  • Specifications: 12˝ circular foam seat with 2.75˝ of padding, Removable padded back rest with height and angle adjustment, 5 adjustable height levels: 22˝, 25˝, 27˝, 20˝, and 31˝
  • Adjustable footrest (floor level to 12˝ high), Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Dimensions: 20˝ x 18.1˝ x 45.3˝, Weight: 15.4lbs

Rockville brings an excellent chair to the tough guitar-playing competition with its portable padded chair. If you strum on your guitar for long periods, this is a chair that should be on your wishlist.

Most people, when they are playing or learning an instrument, aren’t doing it in one spot. They’re usually going to and from lessons, practicing in a studio and at home.

For that, you want something lightweight, and you can easily move as you go between your places of play. For that, Rockville definitely has you covered.

Comfort can be easy to forget about when you’re looking for a good guitar chair. In terms of the adjustability, and the extra padding it provides, you really can’t go wrong with this chair, especially in the price range you’ll usually find it.

The only issue we ran into was the instructions when we first assembled it, as they were a little unclear. However, once set up, we had no complaints from this guitar chair.


  • Incredibly comfortable – extra padding to reduce the stress of long sessions on your legs and on your back. This is a great chair to have if you’ll be playing for hours at a time.
  • Great portability – Lightweight, foldable, easy to hold and move with. This is a great chair to consider if you’re on the go for playing music. Take it from the studio to the venue in just a single hand!
  • Reasonable price It’s tough to find a better deal for a product than this Rockville foldable chair.


  • Adjustability issues – You may find that you’ll be struggling to raise or lower your chair. This can make what was to be a bonus for this music stool a tiresome handicap.

Fender 351 Guitar Seat/Stand

Fender 351 Studio Seat/Stand Combo
  • Collapsible-seat design with removable backrest
  • Gray tweed seat and backrest fabric with black faux leather accents; non-slip rubber feet
  • Embroidered “F” logo on 351 pick-shaped backrest
  • Some assembly required; all hardware included
  • DISCLAIMER: Tested and determined safe for standard polyurethane finishes. Not tested for compatibility with Vintage/Lacquer/Nitrocellulose finishes. Use at your own risk.

Fender is one of the most recognized names in the musical world in gear and equipment. This is especially true when it comes to stringed instruments. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that they make some excellent guitar chairs too.

Case in point: The 351 Guitar seat and stand.

This is a comfortable seat to sit and play in. Also, the embroidered logo on the chair’s backrest lets everyone know what’s up. You know you have a piece of high-class equipment.

This is a great chair for those that are above average in height. So if you struggle to find a chair that accommodates your legroom, this should work.


  • Comfortable Cradle – Being both a seat and a stand is great for saving space. The stand will fit most models of guitars and bass instruments. Great for when you aren’t using the seat whilst practicing.
  • Great for all people – The crossbar of the seat means that resting your legs and back will be comfortable.
  • A tough-to-beat backrest – You can take the adjustable backrest off. No matter what style of seating you find most comfortable, this chair is very flexible.


  • Somewhat inconvenient guitar stand position – It can be a little uncomfortable to rest your legs or ankles whilst the guitar stand is unfolded. You can rotate the adjustable stand to accommodate legs, but the stand’s arms do still protrude a little.

Stagg GIST-300 Foldable Stool With Built-In Guitar Stand

Stagg Guitar Stool and Stand (GIST-300)
  • Height: 64.5cm / 25.4in
  • Diam. seat: 36cm / 14.2in.
  • Black Vinyl Top
  • Guitar Not Included

Stagg may not be the first name that comes to mind for iconic equipment designs. The company has only been in the business for a little over 25 years. This is slightly less than other names like Fender.

However, they are definitely more than able to build many high-quality pieces of kit for your playing pleasure.

The Stagg foldable guitar chair and stand are just one example. This stool model balances both quality performance and reasonable pricing if you know where to find it.

The padding on the stool leaves something to be desired. The relatively thin padding of the seat may not be ideal for long guitar-playing sessions.

However, for the price you usually find this stool at, it’s a pretty great entry-level guitar chair for any newcomer and beginner to this hobby.


  • Foldable design – ideal for when you are practicing and playing guitar on the go
  • Sturdy design – Made with reinforced steel, this is a stool that can suffer a few knocks and still come good.
  • Built-in guitar stand – The stand legs that come with this stool are great for displaying your prized instrument.
  • Easy to carry – Not only is it a tough little stool, but it’s also very lightweight. You’ll have no trouble carrying it around with you, along with your guitar in your other hand.


  • A little too tall for many – Even for someone above average height, you might find that the distance between the footrest and the seat is far.
  • A thin footrest – This makes finding a comfortable position to rest your feet tricky, especially if you are wearing any footwear.

Fender 30 Barstool

Fender Classic Barstool, 30in
  • Heavy Gauge 1″ Steel Tubing
  • Classic Styling
  • Perfect addition to your guitar room
  • Assembly Required
  • Soft Padded Top

Fender brings us another option for our guitar-chair needs. This model is a stool made for guitar playing, and might be the shiniest option we’ve covered!

With thick Heavy Gauge inch-thick steel tubing and a beautiful finish to the padded seat, this chair feels like a blast from the guitar-shredding past, in the best way possible.

Although we have talked about its lack of portability, Fender make this seat of relatively few parts makes this relatively easy to build.


  • A range of sizes – This seat comes in both 24 and 30-inch options. Many other seats we have covered don’t have these sizes.
  • Incredibly stylish – With both a glossy touch to the soft padded stool seat and a chrome finish to the leg rests of the stool, this guitar seat will definitely stand out from the rest
  • Customizable options – From a unique style print to the padded cushion seating, you can really make this seat stand apart from any other.
  • Reasonable pricing – For so many customizable options


  • Maybe not the best for being on the go – Considering that there is no way to collapse this seat once built, this probably will not be the best option for you if you need to take your guitar seat wherever you go. Best to leave this one in your home or studio.
  • A bulkier build – Partly because of its lack of foldable options and the metal tubing this seat uses, this is probably one of the heavier seats in this guide as well.
  • No backrest – considering that many options we have discussed in this guide have a backrest for support, the lack of one in this guitar stool feels.

K&M 14044 Performance Stool

K&M – Konig & Meyer 14044.000.55 – Performance Stool – Ergonomic Seat Adjust Height/Angle – Adjust Footrest Position – Professional Grade for all Musicians – German Made – Black Durable Fabric
  • THE INNOVATIVE LEADER IN STAND TECHNOLOGY: The K&M Performance Stool lets musicians, pro audio and monitor engineers comfortably adjust the height of the stool helping to prevent leg fatigue. An adjustable footrest makes this a favorite among guitarists.
  • TRUSTED DESIGN: Adjust the height (23.5”-35″) and angle of the ergonomic seat to help relieve back pressure for longer comfortable play. Integrated foot end caps stabilize the stool on uneven surfaces, allowing musicians to concentrate on playing music.
  • CALLING ALL MUSICIANS: Prop your foot on the height adjustable footrest to rest your guitar nook on your thigh while strumming. After practice or playing a set, the durable steel framed stool folds flat for quick transport and easy storage.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Reflecting our commitment to world-class construction, the robust Performance Stool is made in Germany and designed with the highest quality standards which includes a 5-year product warranty and 10-year on parts.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: For over 70 years, K&M is the go-to brand for premium stands and holders. Committed to Environmental Protection, our eco-conscious company has ISO certification for effective and responsible resource consumption and environmental impact.

Are you looking for a music stool that is not only easy to pick and transport anywhere but also be comfortable to use? Then K&M has you covered with their performance stool, tailored to both vital needs for any musical instrument.

Whether you’re just moving this around the house or studio or taking it in the back of the van for long for shows and performances, this stool will be there for any occasion!

If you’re someone who has been playing guitar for a while and looking for a good stool to last a little longer than the average seat, this performance stool might be exactly what you are looking for.


  • High Level of Comfort – the padded seating supports you and your lower back excellently. And it isn’t just the padding taking care of you, either. The shape of the seat fits you for long periods amazingly, too.
  • Excellent Adjustability options – With both seat and footrest height being adjustable on this stool, you’ll easily be able to find the most comfortable position for yourself.
  • Sturdy build – With so many movable parts to it, it’s amazing how solid the stool feels to use and hold. With excellent grip pads and high-quality steel making up the support for it, it’s guaranteed to hold together.


  • A pricey stool – This is one of the more expensive seats we have covered on this list. Especially for a seat that can’t swivel, or doesn’t have a backrest.
  • Seat fabric not breathable – Although the seat is very comfortable to sit in for long periods, you may find yourself uncomfortable after a while, as moisture and sweat build up after a few hours.

ADJUSTRITE Musician’s Chair

Vivo brings us our next chair for guitar playing, the ADJUSTRITE chair for musicians.

This might seem like a typical four-legged chair at first. But once you inspect, you’ll find that ADJUSTRITE has carefully curated this chair for all guitar-playing experiences.

The ADJUSTRITE is a very steep investment for a first-time guitar player, especially an adult, who can simply find another chair that is better tailored to their height.

However, if a child was using this chair, the adjustable legs would almost certainly guarantee that this chair could accommodate them as they grew.

And given how sturdy the build of this seat is, it will last a good while too. If you tutor children of all age groups, this chair would be a brilliant investment.


  • Adjustable Legs – This is a great seat to have for a guitar player of any size to have, whether you’re young or short, or tall or an adult.
  • Collapsible – You can fold this chair up and taken wherever you go. Plus, it is lightweight, only weighing around 18 pounds. Great for taking with you to and from practice.


  • Steep cost – You may find the ADJUSTRITE a little too expensive for low budgets. Especially considering that, outside the excellent adjustable legs, there are few other adjustable features. You also can’t adjust the backrest easily.

Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Music Throne

Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest,Black,7.5(h) x 19.5(w) x 20.5(l) inches
  • Cordura/Vinyl Seat, Adjusts from 20″ to 28″ high
  • Rock Solid double braced leg base
  • Super foot solid foundation rubber feet
  • Memory lock height adjustment
  • Super-lock cast seat fastening system

Gibraltar is a pretty new name to the market of guitar and music equipment manufacturing. The company established in 1993, asking it a good deal younger than many established names in the business like Yamaha and Fender.

However, don’t mistake that relatively young age for inexperience. This is a brand that delivers on some top-quality tools that you need for your music playing.

Take, for instance, this 9608MB Cordura seat. In terms of comfort and adjustability, you’ll be struggling to find another seat that can do what this chair can.

You really couldn’t ask for more from a top-quality chair that you’ll be playing in. Comfortable, adjustable, good freedom of movement options. It’s got all the good qualities you’re looking for in a good seat, especially the prices they usually sell it at.

Just try not to lean backward in it!


  • Excellent Adjustability – There is so much to talk about for the gear packed in this seat. The adjustable backrest that you can take off wholly. Also, the chair has locking features that this chair uses to let you lock your seat in place or swivel around for greater freedom.
  • Comfortable seating – With a pretty large seat, high-quality upholstery, and comfortable backrest, this is a seat you’ll be able to play in for hours at a time. Your body won’t even notice, with none of the usual leg or backache that you’ll usually find after playing in other seats.


  • The price to pay for comfort – Depending on where you are sourcing this chair from, you might find that this guitar seat is on the more expensive side of your options.
  • Three legs good, four legs better – Depending on how you have your chair set up, the tri-leg structure makes this chair somewhat precarious to sit on if you don’t have a leg directly behind you when you sit. If you have a habit of leaning back in your chair whilst you play, you should either keep this in mind when sitting down, try to break this habit, or look elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Even Need A Guitar Chair?

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with playing on a couch, your bed, or any other seat for a short period.

However, if you are playing guitar for more than a few minutes, you’re going to feel that strain on your neck, your back, or your rear-end.

Standing is also an option, but depending on what activity you’re doing, whether that’s a live performance, recording, practicing, or even just playing around, standing for long periods can also become pretty tiring.

Are There Any Tips For Playing Guitar In These Seats?

Whatever kind of seat you choose, it is always good to practice posture so that you do not develop aches or cramps whilst playing guitar.

Outside of advice on holding your guitar, which could easily be their own guide, try to keep in mind that you should not be hunching over your guitar whilst you play.

Try to keep your back straight whilst you have your guitar in your hand. Also remember to keep your feet either flat on the ground, or resting on your chair’s footrest if that is comfortable for you.


So, we’ve discussed a pretty wide range of guitar chairs for you to select from here, from full seats to swivel chairs and plenty of stools of all shapes and sizes.

There are plenty more seats from a huge range of manufacturers that we didn’t even have time to cover, so make sure that you are thorough in your searching before you make a final decision.

This chair will be with you for a while in your guitar-playing journey, so make sure that you choose confidently!

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