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Are Concert Tickets A Good Gift?

These days people can be so hard to pick gifts for, and it’s hard to always know what will bring the most sentimental value. While concerts are expensive and just a one-time experience, avid music lovers can be a great recipient of this type of gift.

Concert tickets are a good gift for many people as it shows you pay attention to them and want to spend time with them. They can be quite pricey, but they also can hold a lot of sentimental value by creating a memory with your loved one.

Giving tickets as a present often works wonders and is something that can be given at any time of the year – for birthdays or around the holidays.

For some people, getting tickets opens up more debates such as who else might be going, and how can you prevent the gift from looking underwhelming. In this article, we’ll detail the pros and cons of giving the gift of concerts.

Why Would You Gift Concert Tickets?

We’ve all been in that predicament. Thinking of what to get a special one for their birthday or Christmas. Flashy gifts such as a new TV or jewelry can be expensive – and might be hit or miss.

However, concert tickets aren’t like that. They are more of a way of giving someone the chance to have a night out that you know they are going to enjoy and remember.

And that’s the best idea behind a gift. Giving someone a present that they will enjoy and remember – even if it is just a one-night experience.

Tickets are a simple present to give. They are easy to store and hide, they hold value and show that you have taken an interest in what that person likes.

It avoids the cliché of getting something that you have gotten in the past, and it might not be something that others might be in a position to give. This then makes getting the ticket an easy choice to make.

What Types of Tickets Are Best for Gifting?

Just getting concert tickets might seem enough for some people. For others, it might just be the start of going all out to present a special experience for someone else.

In these situations, just getting a ticket at the top of an arena might not be enough. So that means you could look into other types of ticket packages. This could include:

  • A meet-and-greet with the artist
  • Guaranteed seats at the front of the stage
  • Enjoying VIP treatment before/after the show
  • The trip around the concert

All of these choices are what make giving concert tickets a good gift for a special occasion. Because they are more than simply going to a show.

When making your choice, think about what the person has done before for concerts. If they have seen an act once already, just getting a standard ticket might not be enough. So knowing what the recipient wants defines how far you should go and how much you should spend.

Does The Second Gifted Ticket Go To You?

When gifting a ticket, you need to think about if the ticket is just a solo present or if other people are going. This is certainly something that complicates gifting a ticket.

If you buy just a single ticket for the recipient, it means they alone are going to get that particular experience. For some people, that would feel great – but others might not want to go alone.

They would want the night to be a shared experience with yourself or with others. That means you then have to start speaking to other people.

Ask around and see who else is going. If multiple people are going, will you go as a group or just meet up for a brief catch-up? What gets tricky is if you gift someone multiple tickets for an event.

That’s when the onus passes from you to them about going to a show.  If that person has a spare ticket, it gives them the power to choose who gets it. And don’t just assume it will be you just because you gave them the present.

Keep in mind that by giving someone multiple tickets, you automatically forfeit the right to claim the spare ticket for yourself. So don’t be disappointed if the recipient gives the ticket to a friend over you if they so wish. This is what makes concert tickets a good gift to receive rather than to buy.

How To Wrap Tickets As A Gift

If a ticket is a gift, it can be difficult to present in a flashy way. After all, it will be just a small piece of paper or even just a digital signature.

That means you need to get creative in how you present it to the recipient. It’s the only way you can be convinced that concert tickets are a good gift before the big reveal.

Think carefully about how you put everything together. Even a digital ticket can be printed and created in a way to show care. So what can you do?

Present it with a message

If you want to strike a chord with a loved one, why not attach a message with the ticket itself? You could attach a note with song lyrics attached to it or drop subtle clues as to what might be inside.

Doing this not only gives you extra points for creativity, but also shows that you have a strong connection with that person and that can enhance the overall relationship.

Place it within a card or envelope

When presenting concert tickets, make sure that the tickets themselves are protected with a sleeve or card. If you wrap the tickets up in paper, you don’t want the physical tickets being ripped themselves as they are opened.

Placing them within a card or sleeve protects the tickets from being ripped, and adds intrigue as to what might the gift be. And this will only make the big reveal that much better when the moment comes.

Hide the price

If possible, try to hide the price when giving the ticket to the recipient. Knowing what others have spent on gifts might not seem like much on the outside but it does present a challenge if someone misreads into it.

Should someone see that a ticket was particularly expensive, they might feel bad for not spending the same. If you discover the price on there, try and hide it initially. That way, the awe of giving concert tickets as a good gift remains and you can avoid uncomfortable moments as you discuss the initial reveal.


Can you gift digital tickets?

Yes – it is easy to gift digital tickets from one person to another. This makes concert tickets a good gift to grant as they can still be passed on between users in seconds. They are harder to present than a physical ticket but storing the ticket on a smartphone can be better than having to remember physical copies.

How long in the future should the tickets be?

Realistically, you don’t want the tickets to be a last-minute surprise. If they are, the recipient might not be able to go rendering the whole gift obsolete. Therefore, look at shows in the mid-future that give plenty of time to book days off to go to the event.

Are tickets re-sellable?

Most tickets can be re-sold should something come up, but it will depend on the ticket provider. Ticketmaster and LiveNation are usually pretty good about allowing resales of tickets, but you still have to find a buyer.

If your gift clashes with another event or something unfortunate happens, tickets can be resold via broker sites to recoup any losses. However, you need the permission of the recipient to do that should they no longer be able to go for whatever reasons.

Final Thoughts

In the end, concert tickets are good gifts for any loved one to receive., Not only does it show some thought into their interests, but it also gives them a chance to experience something they not have done before.

You might need to jazz up the presentation a bit to prevent an underwhelming response at first, but there are plenty of creative ways to present a ticket for a birthday or Christmas.

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