The Five Best Fog Machines for Stage Performances

Finding the best fog machines for the stage brings any concert experience to life. It’s a gadget that transforms any mediocre show into a lively, exhilarating experience.

The best fog machines for the stage can be operated remotely, are loaded with different effects, are quick to warm up, and has an excellent level and range of fog generation.

Fog machines are great for use at any time of year, whether at a summer festival, a spooky Halloween show, or as an effect for a big performance.

Whatever the reason why you may want a fog machine, you need to think about which model is best suited for the purpose you want it for. So just what are the best fog machines for the stage?

5 Best Fog Machines for the Stage

1. Fog Worx F80

Fog Worx Professional 700-Watt Fog Machine – Includes 9 Foot Wired Remote, Wireless Remote, Hanging Bracket – Perfect for Professional & Home Use
  • PROFESSIONAL : 700-Watt Machine Produces 2500 cubic foot a minute of fog perfect…
  • INCLUDES: 9 foot wired remote, Wireless remote that operates up to 160 feet away…
  • DURATION : Our Professional machine can be continuously used for 60-90 minutes…
  • WARM UP TIME : Our machine requires a 4-minute warm up time before dispersing…
  • FOG WORX RELIABLITY : F80 is perfect for parties, DJs, theatre productions,…

Few fog machines are better suited to the stage than the Fog Worx F80. This machine generates an impressive 2500 cubic feet of smoke every minute, giving excellent range whenever it fires off. It is also an extremely efficient device, only using 700W of power and taking just 4 minutes to warm up. That means you can be ready to go with your party piece even just a few minutes before taking to the stage.

The Fog Worx F80 is even more impressive because it is particularly easy to use. It comes with a 9ft wired remote and a 160ft wireless control, giving plenty of setup options depending on how your set is put together. It can also be mounted on the floor and the stage roof giving full control of the mood during your set. Fog Worx’s fluid mixtures also go with the F80 to make generating effects simple and easy to use. A great machine that is suited for any possible show.


  • Quick warm-up time
  • Good range
  • Works with own branded mixtures


  • Produced fog is scented
  • Fog may stain some surfaces


AGPTEK Smoke Machine, Fog Machine with 13 Colorful LED Lights Effect, 500W and 2000CFM Fog with 1 Wired Receiver and 2 Wireless Remote Controls, Perfect for Wedding, Halloween, Party and Stage Effect
  • NON-TOXIC, UNSCENTED & HIGH POWERED: As the power of fog machine is 500w, the…
  • ◆ EASY TO USE: The fog machine with lights comes with both two different…
  • ◆ 13 COLORS WITH RGB LIGHT EFFECT: There are total 13 colors for you to choose…
  • ◆ DURABLE IN USE: This type of smoke machine is made from some premium-grade…
  • ◆ ENERGY SAVING: Due to advanced electronic constant temperature system and…

If you’re looking for a fog machine with great effects, there’s not much better than the AGPTEK-500. The biggest appeal is that it generates 13 colors based on your chosen settings. The effects are caused by using LEDs around the nozzle and can produce a range of base options and three different light spectrums (red, green, and blue). This gives you the perfect way to create an atmosphere that is truly unique to the show you’re playing.

The unit is particularly efficient, using just 500W of power and producing 2000 cubic feet of fog every minute. It can be operated using wired and wireless remotes, giving greater flexibility on how it can be used. It’s also light to carry on tour and is easily transported via a cast iron handle to give sturdiness between shows—a great way to liven up any show with custom effects.


  • Lots of LED effects
  • Efficient
  • Easy to transport


  • No liquid is included with the machine
  • It has a long cool-off period

3. QIZIN 1500

Smoke Machine Fog 1500 Watt with Wired and Wireless Control, Commercial High Output Stage Accessories for DJ Halloween Party Wedding Photography
  • 【High Output Stage Fog Machine】Power 1500W, only need to preheat for 3-4…
  • 【Wired and Wireless Control】With a 5 feet long wired control and a wireless…
  • 【Auto Smoke Spray, Overheat Protection】Press the red button on the wired…
  • 【Widely Used】This fog machine is suitable for both commercial use and home…
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guaranteed】We are committed to providing high quality…

Sometimes, power proves performance. That is certainly the case with the QIZIN 1500-stage fog machine. Capable of producing up to 2500 cubic feet of fog every minute, this machine lights up the room in mere seconds. The 1.5Kw unit can reach a distance of up to 8m and is ready to use after just 3 minutes of warming up. Furthermore, the unit can set off smoke at regular intervals without a manual prompt, allowing you to focus on your performance. It also holds 2.2l of fluid, giving it an average use time of 3-4 hours.

Alongside these perks, a unit can be used remotely and with a wired controller. The wired controller can be used up to 5ft with the remote range stretching to 160ft. It also comes with two handles for easy transportation and is designed to be used indoors and outdoors. A powerful and long-lasting fog machine that lets you truly stand out on stage.


  • Covers large distance
  • Powerful unit
  • Long life before a refill is needed


  • Short wired range
  • Unclear instruction manual

4. JDR FM-500

Fog Machine JDR Mini 500W Smoke Machine with Auto Mode and Wireless Remote Control Portable Fogger for Outdoor, Parties, Stage Effect, Indoor, Disco, Halloween, Disinfection or Weddings 2500CFM|FM-3
  • [Auto Mode]-There is an auto button on the JDR FM-3 fog machine. You don’t have…
  • [Wireless Remote Control]- When you need a surprise smoke, you can control your…
  • [Non-toxic and Safety]-The fluid supported by the fog machine is water-based fog…
  • [Rapid Warm-up]-The smoke machine is 500W with an output of 2500CFM. Equipped…
  • [JDR Policy]-Package includes the Fog machine, Wireless controller,Power…

Who said all machines had to be big units? The JDR FM-500 proves that some fog machines excel in a compact form. The FM-500 produces an impressive 2500 cubic feet of fog over an impressive 50m radius when activated. It does this all through being just a 500W unit making it extremely efficient. It can also be set to automatic intervals meaning you don’t have to worry about manual automation.

The entire setup is easy to use, with the system ready to go within 2 minutes of being first switched on. There’s also a remote and wired control to give you a range of different setup options. It also has a customizable body color, with the unit available in black and white. This all comes together to make it one of the smallest and best fog machines for stage use today.


  • Impressive range
  • Extremely efficient
  • Automatic intervals possible


  • Small capacity limit
  • Poor lighting effects

5. Hakuta 600W Disco

HAKUTA Fog Machine, 600W Smoke Machine with Disco Ball Light and LED RGB Lights, 2300 CFM Spray with Auto Spray Function, Great for Halloween, Christmas, Wedding, Stage Performance and Parties
  • 🏕️UPGRADE VERSION: This 600W fog machine has Disco ball lights with…
  • 🏕️AUTO SPRAY FUNCTION: The machine is way easy to operate. All you need to…
  • 🏕️SEPARATE OPERATION: The most prominent feature of this smoke machine is…
  • 🏕️LARGE CAPACITY: There is a liquid container with 300 millimeters to…
  • 🏕️DURABLE MATERIAL: Our smoke machine is formed by some kind of metal…

If you want a great party vibe, then the Hakuta 600W Disco fog machine is the perfect choice. Where Hakuta’s model stands out is its unique lighting effects combination. Not only does it have six colored LEDs to influence the fog’s color, but there is also a disco ball LED structure that can angle lights differently through the fog. This makes it particularly effective when adding shape and atmosphere to your performance.

In terms of output, you can expect the machine to generate 2300 cubic feet of fog over a 15-30 second burst. These intervals can also be automatically preset and controlled manually if preferred. Using just 600W to operate, it’s an efficient unit that won’t drain resources whenever you use it. It also has a funky orange & black body helping it add some character to the look of your stage. A great and durable fog machine that livens up any stage party.


  • Lots of custom effects
  • Automatic bursts possible
  • Efficient machine


  • Short range
  • Small tank capacity

What to Look For in The Best Fog Machines For the Stage?

Discovering the best fog machines for the stage is no easy feat. You need to weigh in several factors when carrying out your search. Power, range, and effects can all greatly impact your show presence and what you will get out of your machine itself. So what should you prioritize?

Overall output

What makes any fog machine a worthwhile investment is the actual output it produces. Nothing is worse than investing in a device that only operates for a few minutes, and its contents reach the first row. Therefore, you need to look at just what it can produce. This can be measured in two ways – range and overall output. The output is measured in cubic feet; these figures should ideally be within the four-figure range. Most professional units can generate a minimum of 2000 cubic feet every minute, and anything below that should be disregarded.

Don’t forget about the range of the device too. If your fog machine can only produce fog that reaches a couple of minutes, it defeats the purpose of using one. You need a machine that can get at least 10-30 meters to fill up the entire room easily every time fog is released.

Possible Effects

For many people, the allure of effects is another big draw to using fog machines. Some machines can have a little character just generating white fog, which can be a letdown if you want a true sensory experience. That is when it is worth looking at machines that can add effects to the fog. Most of this is generated through LED lights that cut through the fog. You can find machines that produce a variety of colors to help set the mood or match the tone of your music or performance.


Do all fog machines have colored effects?

No – you will find that some fog machines will only generate white fog. However, other units will come with LED openings that will influence the color of the mist when the device is operational. Think carefully about what you want for your show before choosing the best fog machine for the stage you are on.

How long do fog machines take to warm up?

You will find that most fog machines will need just a few minutes to warm up when first switched on. Normally, this process should only take 3-5 minutes. Remember that the more powerful the machine, the longer it takes to warm up.

Can fog machines be used remotely?

Yes – almost all of the best fog machines for the stage can be used remotely. Most will come with both a wired and wireless remote, with the wireless remote often having 30-50m ranges. Some machines can also have an automatic mode that generates bursts of fog over a fixed time interval.


There are plenty of excellent fog machines to be used on the stage. Almost all of these provide a superior range and can be operated remotely from wherever you or your techs are based.

If you want a machine that generates cool effects, then both the Hakuta 600 Disco and the AGPTEK-500 can add some character to your shows. Meanwhile, powerful units such as the QIZIN 1500 or the JDR FM-3 offer excellent range and output compared to their rivals.

However, few can match the Fog Worx F80. The F80 offers excellent range and use and is a machine that can be placed wherever you want with minimal fuzz. This superb performance, customization, and ease of use make it one of the best fog machines for the stage today.

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