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On Your Feet: Tips for standing at concerts

Standing the right way at a concert can make a world of difference to your entire experience. Particularly if you are new to the adventure.

Some of the best tips for standing at concerts include wearing comfortable footwear, picking a good vantage point, as well as knowing how to stand properly in a pit.

The thought of standing for several hours might seem daunting no matter if it is your first show or if you are an experienced concertgoer.

So knowing all the right tricks to get the most from your night is vital. It makes a world of difference even if you make some slight adjustments. So what are the best tips for standing at concerts?

Why Do People Stand At Concerts?

What you will find is standing at concerts is very much the norm at any show you go to. It doesn’t matter if you are at a huge arena show or a small bar, there’s always standing room available.

For many people, the floor is where they want to be. It’s the area with the most intense atmosphere and what also gets you closest to the act. That’s why people wait in line for hours just to try and get a spot at the barrier near the stage.

Standing also gives fans the chance to dance and feel the entire energy of the concert. That includes the chance to head into a mosh pit or jump to the music. It is what makes the concert into something more special than just watching a band play.

For venues and promoters, standing also gives them the chance to increase the potential crowd number for a show. With more people able to fit into rooms standing rather than sitting, the result is far more lucrative by having it standing only.

Best Tips For Standing At Concerts

When it comes to standing at concerts, there’s plenty to think about to make sure your night is an enjoyable one. But what can you do to make sure that standing at a show is the right way to go?

Wear suitable footwear

Before heading to a venue, there’s one thing you need to think about. Wearing the right footwear for the show itself. Concerts can last a long time, so you’ll need something durable.

Choosing the right footwear is critical for your night. After all, wearing the wrong footwear not only makes you uncomfortable, but can also cause potential injuries. Particularly from slipping or not having enough grip.

That’s why you need to wear footwear that should:

  • Have grippy soles
  • Offer support to your ankles and heel
  • Protect all areas of your feet and toes

With this in mind, sports shoes or boots are probably the best choice to wear to a concert. Not only do they offer excellent protection for your feet, but they are good to walk on any surface and avoid slips in wet areas.

That also means avoiding wearing anything with elevated heels or exposed toes. This ensures your toes don’t get stepped on and you maintain balance easily.

Picking the right spot

When it comes to standing, trying to find the right spot is crucial for the night. Some people enjoy just being anywhere, but to get the best experience, you need to think about where is best for that specific venue.

Is being at the barrier essential?

Firstly, think very carefully about if standing at the barrier is exactly what you want. Being at the barrier means you are likely there for the entire show, and you are going to be pushed against it. So be prepared for the squeeze. And if you move from that spot, regaining it can be very difficult. It’s an experience that’s not for everyone.

If you want to be at the barrier, there are two things you need to do. Get in line early and don’t hang around when doors open. Go straight for the free spot. Once you bagged your spot, then you’re good for the show.

Where’s the best place to stand?

Realistically, the best place to stand depends on what you want from the show. To get the best feel for the sound mix, being in the middle of the floor right next to the Front Of House Engineer the best spot. You can feel the bass notes as well as get a good mix of guitars and vocals.

Just note that the middle is also where a lot of crowd action takes place. This means lots of movement and the risk of mosh pits. Be prepared to get involved if you find yourself in the middle of the crowd during the show.

If you just want to step back and watch the band play, move towards the back or the sides of the crowd. Being a bit further out doesn’t hinder the view or the sound. It gives you the chance to enjoy the full spectacle. And it’s easier to grab refreshments and merch too whenever you feel like it.

Standing your ground

There’s always going to be a lot of movement in crowds but don’t think that gives people the right to push past and knock you out of the way. It’s your experience to enjoy as well as everyone else.

For example, if you have been in a good spot for hours then someone just pushes in front and blocks your view, don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

This means being prepared to hold your space as people come through. Don’t be afraid to reach out and just ask them to move aside a little bit either. A bit of compromise helps everyone to enjoy the show.

But standing your ground doesn’t mean you are a statue. You should expect some movement when standing at concerts. It’s the nature of the beast. So take it easy and assess the situation before making any rash decisions.

Engage with other fans

The other thing to remember when standing at a show is everyone’s there for one reason – to enjoy the bands playing. It means everyone in the room has at least one common interest.

This makes it a great time to engage and make new friends with those standing around you. But it’s more than just adding one new friend on social media.

It also makes your night easier in many ways. For example, if you have found a really good spot at the front, chat with others around you. If you strike a good rapport, they might even hold your space for you.

This means you can briefly leave your spot to get a drink or go to the bathroom without losing it. Just be willing to repay the favor should that person find themselves in a similar situation.

It makes the night that much more enjoyable too. Even if you are in the middle, engaging with others livens up the whole experience.  Should you dive into a mosh pit, making friends with those around you lets you be creative but ensures others will look out for your safety.

This makes the concert vibe that much more memorable and a great way to get to know other music aficionados in your local neighborhood!

Think about storing items

The last thing to consider when standing at concerts is to think about what items you are taking with you. In other words, don’t bring anything big to the show.

For starters, most venues won’t allow backpacks or large bags into the concert area itself. You will be required to put it into a storage locker or closet. It’s both a safety feature and a courtesy to others around you.

If you are bringing a bag with you, make it as compact as possible. With a lot of movement in crowds, you don’t want your bag flying off with your valuables and disappearing on the floor.

So if you can fit everything in your pockets, try to do so or at least downsize your wallet/purse before you leave home. This will stop things from getting broken, and gives you less to worry about on the arena floor.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to standing at concerts, you can see that there are plenty of things you can think about to enhance your experience. And the same principles work both at almost any type of show.

Wearing the right footwear gives you a great headstart and stops your feet from aching throughout the night. This means you can focus on finding a good spot to enjoy the show.

Once you have your spot, engage with others in the crowd to liven up your night and enjoy the show. But don’t be afraid to stand your ground if you meet an unsavory character.

Everyone understanding concert etiquette makes the night better for everyone.

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