The Objex – Super Charged Little Nova

Super-Charged coverIt’s not often you find a band that’s not afraid to blatantly speak their mind. Luckily Sin City punks The Objex have been doing just that and recently released their third album Super Charged Little Nova. The album is hard, fast, and dirty just like everything in Las Vegas, and packs eight tracks for your listening pleasure. This one’s for fans of NOFX, Teenage Bottlerocket, and Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies so if you are easily offended steer clear.

The Objex bring all the action straight from the studio to the stage.The band’s set during this year’s Punk Rock Bowling proved they are as big a spectacle live as they are in the recording studio. Every song on Super Charged Little Nova is short, loud and outrageous so it’s a good thing the band never takes themselves too seriously. This in your face approach definitely works in their favor and lets Felony Melony get away with almost anything.

OBJEX(2)“Burn”, “Crush”, and “Queen Cobra” get the album off to a great start with enough angst and violence to put even the most passive authorities on edge. Next up is the album’s single “GG (Get It Done)”. This track switches the tempo plays a little slower than their rest of the album, but the chorus is bound to get stuck in your head after a few spins. “Gurr”, “Milk Man”, and “Thanks for Cumming” follow that up and all proceed to piss off any straight laced stragglers with an entertaining, over the top, and aggressive style. The Objex round out Super Charged Little Nova with “Trainwreck Suicide”. This final track gives the album one final kick and is by far the fastest on this album and has plenty of opportunity for crowd involvement during a live show.

Felony Melony PRB
Felony Melony at Punk Rock Bowling 2014

Felony is a sex crazed bad ass and fictitiously calls herself a “violent, robbin’, grave diggin’ rapist” and fills every song with vulgar lyrics. Each track’s speed and subject matter prove punk’s far from dead. The huge Mohawk Melony sports at every show proves she’s not here to impress everyone, but her lyrical sense of humor, blatant disregard for straight laced society, and aggressive style certainly excited this writer. Hopefully their next album keeps the same sense of objective morality and continues to make ripples in the punk rock community.


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