The Best Beginner Drumsticks for Aspiring Drummers

Using the best beginner drumsticks available at your disposal makes learning that much easier for many aspiring drummers. Many leading beginner drumsticks are well-sized and evenly shaped to help wannabe drummers get to grips with their first kit without any issues.

Many brands and companies offer various drumsticks, but some are better suited for learners to use than other models. Below, we will go through the best pair of beginner drumsticks and why they fit that need.

The Best Beginner Drumsticks

Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks
Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners
LOLUNUT 12 Inch Silent Drum Pad,Dumb Drum Beginner Rubber Practice Pad,with 5A Drum Sticks & Storage Bag(Black)
Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks
Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners
LOLUNUT 12 Inch Silent Drum Pad,Dumb Drum Beginner Rubber Practice Pad,with 5A Drum Sticks & Storage Bag(Black)
Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks
Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks
Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners
Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners
LOLUNUT 12 Inch Silent Drum Pad,Dumb Drum Beginner Rubber Practice Pad,with 5A Drum Sticks & Storage Bag(Black)
LOLUNUT 12 Inch Silent Drum Pad,Dumb Drum Beginner Rubber Practice Pad,with 5A Drum Sticks & Storage Bag(Black)

#1: Our Pick: Vic Firth American Classic Drumsticks

Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks
  • The world’s best-selling stick!
  • Great all-around size and weight for any musical situation
  • Tear drop tip for rich cymbal sounds
  • Crafted from premium USA Hickory

Vic Firth is an iconic name to the drumming world, so their American Classic drumsticks are some of the best on the market. Coming in the standard 5A variation, they are for drummers of all abilities.

These drumsticks are hickory and coated with a lacquer finish; they produce rich sounds in all kit areas. They are also highly durable, making them great for both practice and live shows.

The tear-drop tip on the ends gives you great control and performance no matter what your style is. It provides a thick-ish sound on the snares and both soft and loud crashes when riding on cymbals.

These sticks are incredibly well-balanced at a length of 16in and weighing just 3oz, ideal for beginners to find their footsteps easily. The medium tapers provide a non-slip grip allowing for fast movements without losing control at any given stage.

The sticks also look fantastic, with the unpainted bodies giving a classic look that doesn’t substitute for substance—a great all-around package for any beginner drummer to use.


  • Durable
  • Provides rich sounds
  • Well-balanced for all styles


  • Pricier than other brands
  • Not great with moisture

#2: Best Seller: Antner 7A Maple Drumsticks

Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners
  • Standard: 7A 1.4cm / 0.55 inches; 39.6cm / 15.6 inches
  • Made of maple wood, durable, exquisite and lightweight, smooth surface treatment for comfortable grip
  • Antner drumsticks have an oval-shaped wooden tip will offer a warmer and quieter sound, to give a clear cymbal ring
  • 7A is a lighter and narrower stick ideal for younger players, lightweight, and flexible design to enable it to beat more gentle music
  • Includes a black velvet bag, save space to store and easy to carry, while also protecting these drumsticks

If you are still finding your feet, Antner’s 7A Maple Drumsticks are an excellent choice for your first set of sticks. This set of three grouped maple drumsticks are lightweight and longer than most varieties. The weight difference enables any novice to comfortably learn the ropes without feeling uncomfortable when playing their first beats.

The thinner body and longer length are all-around suited best for soft styles letting you play any pop or soft rock song with ease and find a rich yet delicate sound. It also comes with a wooden oval tip letting you hear each kit sound as you play.

Antner’s offering comes with the chance to find a unique look too. The set of sticks comes in four different colors: red, blue, black, and plain wood. A soft storage bag also makes them easy to transport and keeps them protected from the elements should you ever jam outside. A great combination that lets you feel your way into drumming while looking good in the process.


  • Lightweight
  • Various body colors are available
  • It comes with a transport bag


  • Long body awkward for young drummers
  • Soft maple body may chip easily

#3: Premium Pick: LOLUNUT Practice Combo

LOLUNUT 12 Inch Silent Drum Pad,Dumb Drum Beginner Rubber Practice Pad,with 5A Drum Sticks & Storage Bag(Black)
  • 【HIGH ELASTICITY & ENVIRONMENTALLY DURABLE】- Double sided practice drum pad, surface adopts high density environmentally TPE elastic rubber, strong wear resistance, environmentally friendly odorless.
  • 【 SHOCK ABSORPTION & ANTI-SKID】- The bottom is made of soundproof and shockproof foam, which has shock absorption anti-slip buffering performance to protect your wrists from hurt.
  • 【DRUM STICKS】- Drum practice pad comes with a pair of high quality hickory ahead drum sticks. The hammerhead adopts water droplet design, can produce a thick and powerful sound, which is suitable for a variety of musical forms. Not only an ideal choice for playing jazz, orchestral, rock, pop music also a good helper for percussion learners.
  • 【SILENT & QUIET】- The dumb drum pad is constructed from solid wood, elastic rubber and foam. It can withstand the impact, create a quite small sounds when your are drumming and it is smaller than normal people without effect the people around you.
  • 【LOLUNUT SERVICE】- We stand by our products with excellent customer service. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, please contact us at any time, we will help you within 24 hours.

LOLUNUT provides everything a novice needs to get started. Their kit comes with a handy set of 5A drumsticks made from hickory. Its lightweight body has thick tear-drop wooden tips that give you the chance to produce a great range of sounds across a range of different kit types. The classic finish mixed with the tapered middle means that these sticks are easy to hold and not prone to slipping.

These drumsticks come as part of a larger practice kit that includes nylon drumming pads and a storage bag to keep everything together. It’s an ensemble that gives you plenty of chances to learn without pressure in your own time. The soft nature of the pad allows you to find your sound no matter what you need. This kit is a great all-around package aimed at the beginner drummer.


  • Well-made wooden body
  • Produces thick sound
  • Suited for all styles


  • The storage bag zip is tricky
  • It is not suited for real drum kits

#4: Suwimut 7A Drum Sticks 12 Pair Pack

Suwimut 12 Pairs 7A Drum Sticks, Classic Maple Wood Tip Drumsticks for Kids Beginners Students, Rock Band Musical Instrument Percussion Accessories, Consistent Weight and Pitch
  • 7a drumsticks are perfect for light jazz and combo. Designed for playing any style of music.
  • Standard: 7A 1.4cm / 0.55 inches; 39.6cm / 15.6 inches. Comes with 12 pairs 7A drumsticks.
  • 7A drumstick is well-balanced but lighter touch and feel, ideal for younger players, lightweight, and flexible design to enable it to beat more gentle music.
  • Our drum sticks are made of high quality maple wood, durable, exquisite and lightweight, smooth surface treatment for comfortable grip.
  • Drumsticks have an oval-shaped wooden tip for slightly brighter, focused sound, to give a clear cymbal ring.

If you want to practice in volume, Suwimut provides 12 pairs of drumsticks in a single pack. All of the drumsticks provided are maple and come in the 7A sizing format.

The lightweight bodies have oval tips, making them perfect for delicate and light rhythms. It allows you to try out new beats and get comfortable with drumming without the need to unleash your inner animal.

While the sticks lack a unique design, they look fantastic with a classic textured finish throughout each pairing. That – mixed with their long body – make them easy to hold and rarely slip when transitioning between positions or movements. The sheer number of pairings involved in the pack also means you are never left without sticks, no matter where you are learning.


  • Lightweight
  • Large quantity in a pack
  • Suited for light and learning rhythms


  • No unique design
  • No forms of storage

#5: ARLX 5A Drumsticks

Drum Sticks 5A Wood Tip Drumstick (2 Pair Maple)
  • ♫ STRONG AND DURABLE–Made from North American hard maple strong durable and strong sense of gravity.
  • ♫ NATURAL FINISH- Comfortable and Slip Resistant .
  • ♫ Perfect for Youth Rock Bands and Drummer playing ,and more
  • ♫ RESILIENCE REACTIVE FAST–Light and fast for jazz orchestral pit work.
  • ♫ Drum Stick Made from High quality North American maple.

Entirely made from maple, the ARLX 5A Drumsticks give beginners everything they need from their first set of sticks. The maple body is well-balanced and complemented by a tear-drop tip that offers a great sound in all areas.

These sticks are well suited for all styles of music and work perfectly well on both genuine kits and nylon practice pads. The body is also designed without a gloss finish to provide better levels of grip and prevent any unnecessary slippages.

The stick pairings are available in just the standard wooded finish, giving them a classic look for home and stage. Although they don’t come with any storage gear, these sticks can fit seamlessly into any standard storage bag that you have handy. This product is an excellent set of sticks for anyone starting.


  • Well-balanced
  • Non-slip design
  • Suited for all styles


  • Poor longevity on genuine kits
  • Prone to splintering

#6: Donner Snare 7A Drum Sticks

Donner Drum Sticks, 7A Snare Black Drumsticks Classic Maple Wood Drum Sticks with Carrying Bag, 2 Pairs
  • ✔️RELIABLE MATERIAL —Made of high hardness and corrosion-resistant maple wood, Donner 7A drumsticks come with high durability, good resilience. The material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless.
  • 🎵USER-FRIENDLY — The top of drumsticks apply drop-shaped design, suitable with normal drum set or dumb drum pads, wonderful in daily practice and performance, also easy for beginner and students drummers to play,
  • ❤️HUMANIZED DESIGN — With well-polished surface and comfortable feeling, the Donner 7A drumsticks would reduce wrist fatigue, and non-slippery, light to hold during long-time playing Just enjoy each beat with Donner as you wish.
  • 🎁COMES WITH WHAT YOU NEED — The package includes 3 pairs of 7A maple drumsticks and a carrying bag, together with 30 days unconditional guarantee backed up by our awesome customer support team ready to help.
  • 📣Notice — Donner has upgraded its logo, but the quality of the products is the same as always. We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by your receiving products with different logos due to the different production batches.

If you have your heart set on becoming a jazz star, then Donner’s Snare Drumsticks are a must-have. Utilizing the 7A sizing to its fullest, these flashy-looking sticks test out your snare drum perfectly.

The light maple body mixed with the tear-drop tips allows for full sounds yet feels just at home riding on the hi-hat. With a diameter of just 1.3cm, they fit easily in the palm of your hand and can move quickly without any worry of slipping out of it.

Donner has made them look good too. The stick’s body is available in multiple colors that include the following: red, yellow, blue, and black. They also come with a velvet bag that is silky and smooth to protect the outer lining of the sticks when traveling. With a specialized purpose and fabulous look, these are the perfect sticks for any aspiring Jazzmaster.


  • Great design
  • Customizable body colors
  • Easy to transport


  • Prone to small vibrations
  • May chip easily

#7: Andoer Nylon 5A Drumsticks

Andoer Pair of 5A Drumsticks Stick with Lightweight Nylon for Drum Set Green
  • ♬【5A Nylon Drum Sticks】Made of nylon, durable and exquisite, 5A design, nylon tipped rock stick.
  • ♬【Attractive Colors】Green | Blue | Red | Wood | Yellow, colorful drum sticks can attract the interest of drum practice beginners, especially for kids. This drum stick set is a good choice for drum training organization.
  • ♬【Fit for All Drums】Suitable for drummer. Ideal for marching bands, acoustic kits, amateur and Professional drummers, young or old for that extra special gig.

If you want to stick out as a drummer, Andoer’s Nylon Drumsticks are your weapon of choice. This offering has a fluorescent look with a range of striking colors.

Whether it be neon green or a roaring red, there is no way you won’t stick out if you are sitting behind the kit with these in your hands. The sticks are made from nylon with a synthetic fiber tip, giving them outstanding durability when practicing on a drum pad. They produce a firm sound thanks to the 5A body without sacrificing anything towards their wooden cousins.

The nylon body of the sticks makes it easy to hold throughout a heavy session, and the tips absorb the vibrations upon impact. It’s a great little design quip that makes it easy for beginners to take their first steps without ever feeling uncomfortable. It is an offering that genuinely tries to blend style with substance.


  • Striking appearance
  • Easy to grip
  • Reduced risk of vibrations


  • Tinny sound on a real kit
  • Deceptively heavy

#8: Kasemi Wooden Tip Drumsticks

KASEMI Drum Sticks Non-Slip, 5A Wood Tip Drumstick (2 Pair) – Black
  • Two pairs Quality 5A maple drum sticks.Length: 406mm/16 inch, Diameter: 12mm/0.47inch
  • Portable and lightweight, easy to hold.
  • Wood tip provides a rich, full, balanced sound
  • Drumstick coating is gloss-free to reduce slippage
  • Multiple color for your choice

A lot of thought has gone into Kasemi’s Wooden Tip Drumsticks. These beginner drumsticks have an excellent balance between look and purpose.

These 5A sticks are made primarily out of maple and have a drop-shaped wooden tip on the end. This feature helps produce various sounds on your kit without tying you to any particular musical genre. The body is also rounded off, making it easy to grip and prevent unnecessary slips when playing at speed.

Kasemi has also put a lot of effort into the look of the sticks too. The rear portion of each stick has a dynamic edge and look due to its contrasting color choice (Black or brown). The color change gives them an added edge between looking traditional or trendy. A look that is also well matched by its design.


  • Well-balanced
  • Good look
  • Suitable for all drumming styles


  • Wrap falls short of stick’s middle point
  • The handle can slide off after extended use

What to Look for in Beginner Drumsticks?

When looking for your first set of drumsticks, there are several key features you need to consider. Each of these features will determine how you define your particular style. Not sure what we mean? Here are some pointers to look out for:

What is a Good Size for Beginner Drumsticks?

Drumsticks have a number/letter combo reflecting their length and width. The letter – A, B, S, or D- refers to the style of drumsticks, while the number – from 1-9(ex. 4) – refers to the stick’s length.

Some of the most common sizes available are:

  • 5A – Generally considered as the standard drumstick format
  • 7A – Thin model well-suited to soft music styles such as jazz and R’n’B
  • 5B – A shorter standard suited for all genres
  • 2B – Thickest stick size and great for heavy metal and general training

Once you know the sort of style of music you want to play, you can look for drumsticks in your preferred shaping. As you get familiar with drum playing, you may evolve to other styles of drumsticks and switch to find more unique sounds.

What is a Good Drumstick Tip Style for Beginner Drummers?

Different drumstick tip styles allow for better sound experimentation. The designs vary depending on the genre you are playing and what sound you want to achieve. Here are some common tip styles:

  • Tear Drop – The classic look that produces good thick sounds and is suited to all genres
  • Barrel – A wider end that gives a full sound. Popular in all forms of rock and pop
  • Round – Comes in both short and long forms. Short-form produces light sounds for jazz, while long round sticks make heavy sounds for metal.
  • Ball – Small and thin ends. Ideal for delicate and more nuanced beats
  • Nylon – A wide tip known for excellent durability

Almost all tips have either wood or nylon material. Still, knowing tip shape plays an integral part in how you sound as a drummer.

What is a Good Material for Beginner Drumsticks?

When choosing materials, you typically have two options: Nylon drumsticks or wood drumsticks. Hickory, maple, and oak are the most popular forms among wooden sticks because of their longevity. They also produce a good sound.

Below are some other materials you can choose from and why you would choose them:

  • Plastic – Plastic drumsticks tend to produce a less traditional sound. With good manufacturing techniques, they can last just as long as wood.
  • Carbon Fiber – Carbin fiber drumsticks are more expensive and less suitable than wood. This feature makes them less beginner-friendly but great for experts that want longer-lasting drumsticks.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum drumsticks also last longer, but you will need a durable set to use them. These sticks are known to poke holes in heads and destroy cymbals when you aren’t paying attention.

Stick with the classic wood until you get more experience playing. Otherwise, you might end up learning some unfortunate habits due to your expectations of drumsticks.


Are 5A sticks better than 5B sticks?

5A sticks are generally best suited for beginners as they are fit for all styles of music. Drumsticks made with a 5A body can produce great sounds for all types. 5B and 7A drumsticks also provide a good range but are designed for softer music styles giving less room to evolve your drumming techniques.

What is the average duration of beginner drumsticks?

Most drumsticks last 3-5 hours, depending on how you use them. Most wooden drumsticks will take a decent amount of punishment, and they will last longer if you are learning predominantly on a drum pad. It’s worthwhile having backup pairs handy, though should one break unexpectedly.

Conclusion – What are The Best Drumsticks for Beginners?

Overall, we feel that there are plenty of great beginner drumsticks available today. With their reputation, Vic Firth’s American Classic pairing is the best available. These sticks are easy to use, durable, and are suited to all drumming styles.

We also believe that Antner’s 7A sticks are great for chilled practice and Lolumut has an excellent ensemble for those just starting. You might want to buy a few to test out what you are comfortable with for your first few sticks.

No matter what you choose, having a great set of beginner drumsticks will see you go far once you get bitten by the drumming bug. 

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