Strung Out: Transmission.Alpha. Delta Review

Untitled-1Strung Out’s Transmission.Alpha.Delta officially dispatches in the United States on March 24. Though it’s been six years since the band’s last release, Strung Out loses no momentum in this LP. A broadcast of true sonic splendor, the album features twelve tracks with a honed and polished blend of blend of Jason Cruz’s solid melodic vocals over shredding guitars, pounding drums and harmonious bass. This album is a perfect example of Strung Out’s signature sound; a fusion of punk, rock and metal elements meshed seamlessly in a way that only they can do. Transmission.Alpha.Delta takes the best of Strung Out and doses it out for a steady uptempo journey.

Soundbites and spacey interludes transition between the tracks and their reflective themes of addiction, faith and the meaning of life. By beginning Transmission.Alpha.Delta with Charlie Chaplin’s Great Dictator Speech, the listener is poised to receive a powerful interpretation of life and coping.  In keeping with the album title, the songs transmit on different frequencies handled with skilled musicianship by all members.  Without extended instrumental solos, each track features the intricacies of complex guitar riffs, solid bass lines and intense drums throughout. “Rebellion of Snakes” is a good example of musical back and forth featuring each instrument, and for the fans of guitar solos, “Black Maps” particularly highlights Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos’ intense fret flying fingerwork.

Strung Out joins the variety of topics and sounds into a solid album that has been playing on repeat in the By the Barricade office since its arrival. With Transmission.Alpha.Delta the five members of Strung Out have once again proved their individual contributions are collectively awesome. Preorder now on Fat Wreck Chords or iTunes to get the downloads and enjoy it early.

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