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_DSC1294Like pop-punk? Well you should check out Hideouts. This pop punk band from Southern California who just released their second EP, Obsessed. The bandmay have a small following, but their youthful spirit, light hearted lyrics, and up beat tempo make their give them more than just a dedicated crowd. This writer caught up with some of the band on their current tour with Eye the Realist and found out exactly what the band had been ”obsessing” over. If you’re a fan of bands like Yellowcard, Bayside, or Anberlin check out this interview.

Tim Markel: Guitar/Vocals

Robby Friend: Guitar

Keith Ruthven: Bass

Dan Chavez: Vocals/Guitar

By the Barricade: The first track off of your new EP Obsessed is called “Here’s To New Beginnings”. If you could restart your life with new beginnings what would you do differently?

Keith: School!

Robby: I would have paid a lot more attention [in school] because nothing in our modern age could be created without an understanding of science. _DSC1304

Dan: I would have done everything the same, but I would have been a drummer.

Keith: I would have saved more money, but I like my path in life. I met these guys [Hideouts] by chance and if I was going to change any of it all, that chance would go out the window.

Tim: I would have been holding onto my phone at the Four Year Strong show. At the Glass House with Bayside I was filming and then my phone got pickpocketed.

Dan: Bayside is a huge influence on our music.

Robby: Our old drummer actually replaced the band’s (Bayside’s) previous drummer after that accident. That’s actually how we heard about the band way back in the day when they used to play places like Chain Reaction. It was amazing to see our friend playing on stage with this new band that I had never heard of which is now one of my favorite bands.

By the Barricade: What do you think about their new album Cult?

Keith: I’ve listened to it a good bit and I enjoyed it. It’s not on the same level as some of my favorite records from them like Sirens and Condolences. That [was] my first foray into Bayside like most people, and that record just hits home for me.

By the Barricade: Who do you think is the most influential pop punk band of all time?_DSC1296

Tim: The band that started it all, Green Day. They are the only reason I play guitar today. I remember seeing them at Woodstock and remembering how crazy, and godlike Billy Joe was.

Dan: Rufio for me

Robby: The Ataris for me. I remember seeing them in an industry style warehouse.

By the Barricade: Well back to Obsessed, Is there any food out there you guys are “obsessed” with?

Dan: Sushi.

Robby: Burgers.

Dan: Sushi burgers!

Keith: Have you ever seen the Sushi pop? It’s California rolls all loaded into a tube and you can just push ‘em up one by one.

Robby: It’s a pezz dispenser!

Keith: It’s not high quality, but it’s great for on the go.

By the Barricade: Well is there a TV show you are “obsessed” with?

Tim: We used to watch Lost back in the day.

Robby: That was like an event for us.

Tim: Now I’m watching Six feet Under with my girlfriend

Dan: We used to be obsessed with The Simpson’s.

Tim: We sat and watched every episode there could possibly be from start to finish in my old garage, but Lost would be the big one for all of us. _DSC1286

By the Barricade: Did you make it all the way through?

*Communal: Yes

Keith: I actually just started it again since it originally aired. Futurama’s my all time favorite, but I’ve been on a kick of sci-fi shows lately like Fringe and Continuum. I’ve just been going through Netflix series and finding ones with one or two series and in about a week or two I would go through it.

By the Barricade: Hideouts’ first EP was Stuck Between Stories. Craziest tour stories, Go!

Keith: We didn’t have a tour for that EP. We recorded it, released it, and only played local shows. We were limited with what we could do because our drummer is a professional drum tech and he was touring with Usher and Demi Lavato.

By the Barricade: Well what’s your favorite local venue?

Keith and Tim: Glass House

Robby: My favorite venue is The Glass house but Chain Reaction has the most memories from playing here so many times with different bands.

Tim: That’s like asking who your favorite kid is. You’re proud of something you do at one venue but it depends on the day.

By the Barricade: If you guys got into a fight with THAT OTHER BAND The Hideouts who would win?

Tim: Them! Their country so they fight dirty.

Robby: I don’t know, how many drinks have I had?

Keith: They’re already depressed and have nothing to lose.

By the Barricade: Where is your favorite hideout when escaping fangirls?

Dan: The merch booth.

Dan: Our online store.

Keith: I always just go backstage.

By the barricade: Is there anything else you would like to say to the By the Barricade readers?

Keith: Thanks for checking us out, and if you haven’t listened to anything both of our EPs Stuck Between Stories and Obsessed are on ITunes, Amazon and everywhere else online, and we also just released a video for our song “Chasing Satellites” so check it out on Instagram.

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