For the Fallen Dreams – Heavy Hearts

Album CoverLast Tuesday, For the Fallen Dreams released their fifth studio album Heavy Hearts. This album introduces more complex drum patterns and a tempo that fluctuates more drastically between tracks. It’s always a rare treat to see a band switch gears from guttural hardcore vocals to melodic soothing guitar riffs mid-song. Although this Michigan band lost all its original members, artists from bands like Attila, Bury Your Dead, and Under the Gallows hopped on board to fill in the gaps.  The members may have changed, but For the Fallen Dreams has stayed strong since the band’s formation in 2003. Each new member adds new talents, skills, and expertise into the mix but stays constant with the band’s original CD. Heavy Hearts Showcases the band’s musical growth over the past eleven years. After the band re-signed with Rise records in 2013 Heavy Hearts sounds significantly more refined without falling victim to being overproduced.

Jim Hocking really strings Heavy Hearts together. His skills on lead guitar hold together what would otherwise be a jumbled mess of streams and quick drum patterns, but Chad Ruhlig really shines through this whole album. Ruhlig who originally left his spot behind the mic in 2008 found his way back in 2013. Dylan Richter who replaced him gave the band an entirely new sound full of guttural screams without Ruhlig’s melodic touch. Since his departure, the flame behind his lyrics has only intensified. His For Today-esc lyrics really highlight the intensity of each track on Heavy Hearts; Only to be backed up by the significantly more calm vocal genius of the band’s bass player Brandon Stastny. This sound may be present within many metalcore bands, but Stastny really brings each trackback to earth with a quick flick of the bass. This is especially noticeable in the album’s fourth track “Dream Eater”.

For the Fallen Dreams really soared to new heights with their newest album Heavy Hearts. By the Barricade recommends Heavy Hearts if you’re a fan that familiar metalcore sound with heavy melodic lyrics.

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