Flowkey vs Simply Piano – The Best App for Learning Piano

Are you ready to play piano and interested in investing in a piano teaching program? If so, there are two app-based solutions worth discussing: Flowkey and Simply Piano. So, in a Flowkey vs Simply Piano comparison, which should you choose?

One significant difference between Flowkey and Simply Piano is their teaching style, with Flowkey being more structured. Yet, both apps have a range of features, such as video lessons, sheet music, practice exercises, and progress tracking, to help you learn to play the piano. Therefore, both apps can help you learn the piano.

Both apps have a lot of different features that are worth looking into. In the following sections, we’ll examine each of these apps and their unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision. Continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons of these apps.

User Interface and Design Comparison

While the overall functions of Flowkey and Simply Piano are the same, their user interface and design are very different.

Flowkey has branded itself as a sleek and modern design. The interface itself is straightforward to navigate. They have focused on their minimalist design so everyone can find the features they need to learn to play the piano.

On the main screen, you will find a display that has a list of available songs and courses you can take. They also allow you to sort them by genre or difficulty. It also has a great option that will enable you to preview the course or song so you can see if it is what you are looking for. Another great feature is you can access your sheet music, private exercises, and other features with just a few taps on the main screen.

Simply Piano has created itself to be more colorful and playful. This is supposed to bring in younger learners. The app uses animations, graphics, and gamification to help the learning process be more engaging and fun, which is great for little ones with short attention spans.

You will find a list of available lessons, courses, and songs on the main screen, much like Flowkey. Also, like Flowkey, you can filter them by difficulty, genre, or artist. The lesson will have a progress bar showing your mastery level as you practice. You can earn points and rewards by completing challenges and excises.

Overall, both apps are very user-friendly. They want to help make learning the piano as easy as possible. Yet, the two programs are branded for different target audiences. While Flowkey comes off as more classy and professional, Simply Piano tries to be fun and attention-grabbing. This helps get both types of learners engaged.

Song Library and Selection – Which App Is Better?

Flowkey and Simply Piano have an extensive range of music, but both are focused on different genres, which is congruent with their branding.

Flowkey’s song selection

Flowkey, with its more classy branding, focuses on more classical music. They also do contemporary and some popular songs, but their primary genre is classical music.

Flowkey’s library has over 1,500 songs in it. The company allows you to filter through their music by difficulty to find what you can play. They also have courses that teach you techniques, scales, and chord progressions.

Simply Piano’s song selection

Simply Piano has a more versatile range of music. They have some classical pieces, but their primary focus has been on more popular genres such as pop, rock, and jazz.

Simply Piano’s library is significantly more extensive than Flowkey’s, with 5,000 pieces. They also have a better filtering service that allows you to filter by difficulty, genre, and artist. Also, if you do not know which song you should practice yet, Simply Piano offers a “Discover Tab,” which will show you pieces they recommend you do next based on your preferences and experience level.

Which is better?

Both of these apps are focused on different genres. If you hope to learn more trendy songs, you might want to go with Simply Piano. Yet, if you are interested in learning more classical work, Flowkey can help you in that department.

Lesson Structure and Teaching Methodology

Flowkey and Simply Piano have the same overall goal for teaching. The goal is for beginner piano players to gain more confidence and skill in playing the piano. This will come from practicing the piano and following their lessons. While their goal is the same, the companies have some fundamental differences in teaching style.

Flowkey’s lesson structure

Flowkey is a very structured course. It has lessons arranged by different levels that start from beginner and then continue to advanced playing.

The lessons are divided into small segments with video tutorials and interactive sheet music. This program is designed to help you slowly reach a more advanced level. Flowkey also offers a wide variety of songs to practice, organized by what music level the app says you are in.

Flowkey’s teaching methodology primarily focuses on providing learners with the skills to play piano pieces accurately with a focus on sight-reading and playing by ear. Professional pianists teach the lessons, and their videos are very high quality. They pride themselves on their clear explanations.

Simply Piano’s lesson structure

Simply Piano also has a very structured curriculum, but instead of being divided by levels, it is divided by chapters. This means that you can’t just type your level into the song search bar and find music that is perfect for you.

The company rates whether their music is easy or hard. Simply Piano’s lessons also involved video tutorials with interactive sheet music, but they incorporate gamification elements to keep their learners motivated.

Simply Piano uses a more fun and engaging way to teach piano. They are more interested in keeping the passion alive than anything else. The company focuses on building a solid foundation in musical theory and technique, which is very helpful for beginners. Lessons are taught by a virtual instructor who will provide you feedback on playing accurately and your progress which is a very nice feature.

Which is better?

While their teaching methodologies may differ, both apps will teach you how to play the piano excellently. You should figure out what part of piano playing you struggle with most when trying to pick between the two software. It also is a possibility to switch programs to learn different things.

Features and Tools of Flowkey and Simply Piano

There are many side features you will want when you are learning to play the piano. Both of these apps have a lot of side features that can be valuable to your learning experience.

Flowkey’s features

Flowkey offers a range of side features such as chord and scale exercises, interval training, and the ability to slow down or speed up the tempo of a song you are practicing. This can help you get through the more complex parts of a song or the learning process. Flowkey also offers a mobile app so you can learn anywhere.

Flowkey’s primary tool is interactive sheet music and video tutorials. The sheet music will show users which notes to play and when. They also have video tutorials that will teach you how to play each section of a song. This can be helpful if you get stuck somewhere. Flowkey also offers a metronome for practice to help you stay on the beat.

Simply Piano’s features

Simply Piano offers a personalized lesson plan based on your skills. It also provides instant feedback on playing accuracy and progress tracking. Some features allow users to connect their piano or keyboard to the app to receive real-time feedback, which is a great feature to help you reach your best musical self.

Simply Piano’s primary tool is a virtual keyboard that will appear on your app’s screen. This tool allows users to practice playing the right notes on a visual representation of a piano or keyboard. This is great if you do not have a piano. It can be a great starter for you. If you have a piano, though, Simply Piano also has a feature that listens to users play and provides feedback on your accuracy.

Which is better?

Overall, both of these apps have great tools. Yet, some might be more appealing than others. This can help you choose which app will help you learn the best.

Pricing and Subscription Options

Now pricing is a great thing to consider when choosing which app to use, especially if you are on a budget. Yes, it is good to commit to a program fully, but at the same time, there is no need to break the bank.

Flowkey’s pricing

Flowkey does have a free version, but it is minimal.

You will not get all that the app has to offer; therefore, if you are really invested, it is best to pay for the Premium version. The Premium version has three different payment plans.

You can get it for the best deal of lifetime access for $329.99, yet paying that much upfront is a high ask. Some users may not be committed to using it long enough it to be worth it.

The company also offers an annual plan of roughly $120 upfront.

If you aren’t wholly committed to a year of work, you can get a month-long subscription for $19.99.

You can also get a seven-day free trial to test out the features.

Simply Piano’s pricing

Simply Piano also has a free version that has limited features.

The company’s premium version costs $119.99 for its annual subscription. You can also pay $14.99 a month.

There is a significant discount if you pay for the annual subscription. If you are reluctant to invest without knowing the app, you can also get a free 7-day trial of the premium version. This can help you make your decision.

Which is better?

Regarding pricing, Flowkey offers a broader range of options with a monthly plan, annual plan, and lifetime access option, while Simply Piano only offers a yearly or monthly plan.

However, Simply Piano’s annual plan is cheaper than Flowkey’s monthly plan, so it may be a better value for users committed to using the app for a more extended period.

Mobile and Desktop Availability

Another way to figure out which app to use is to be aware of which device you plan on using for the app and see which app is most compatible. Both of these apps have different device availability.

Flowkey is available on both desktop and laptop computers through web browsers. The web browsers you can find Flowkey on are Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

You can also download Flowkey as an app for iOS and Android devices. Flowkey offers cross-device syncing so you can have your progress from one device to another.

Simply Piano is unavailable on desktop or laptop computers and only as an app for iOS and Android devices. This means if you were hoping to be able to use your laptop for your music practice, you should not get Simply Piano. Simply Piano also offers cross-device syncing, which is very useful if you have to get a new phone or tablet.

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