Do EDM Festivals Have a Dress Code?

With increasing popularity, electronic dance music (EDM) festivals are being held at various locations and attracting large crowds. However, many newer attendees have difficulty knowing exactly what to wear to their first EDM festival. So, do EDM festivals have dress codes?

Most people dress down for EDM festivals. It is common to see swimwear being worn in the crowd, though some cover up a bit more with a t-shirt or shorts. Bright colors and bold combinations are not uncommon. With no requirements, the unspoken dress code includes informal and lightweight clothing.

Realistically, you can wear anything comfortable to dance in, and it won’t be too hot while attending an EDM festival. However, many people choose to rock new and bold styles while at EDM festivals, so feel free to be creative and express yourself through your clothing!

Why Lightweight Clothes are Good for Most EDM Festivals

Many EDM festivals take place on beaches or outdoors in warmer climates such as California or Florida. It helps that these states have so many large cities and even larger populations that can help quickly fill the event with a lively and crowded audience. These festivals are always more fun with a good-sized crowd, helping to keep the energy levels high throughout the night. For this reason, most choose to wear clothing suited for warmer weather. Pull out your summer clothes, and you will be taking a step in the right direction.

However, some EDMs festivals can take place when and where the weather is slightly cooler. While most would assume that this would mean EDM festival goers would dress warmly for festivals held when it is cold, that is not the case. People dance and party all night while attending EDM festivals. Thousands of people will also surround you, and their body heat will help keep you warm even if you wear lightweight clothing. Wear something that won’t make you even hotter or sweatier than you need to be while at an EDM festival.

If you choose to wear layers, keep them thin and easily removable. Throwing a flannel, casual button-up, or t-shirt on top of a swimsuit or other small amount of clothing is common. This will provide you with comfort and warmth while walking into the EDM, but it is unlikely that you will want to wear it after the party starts. If you have something lightweight to keep you warm, you won’t struggle to carry or hold it for long.

Don’t Wear Anything Too Fancy at an EDM Festival

While at an EDM festival, feel free to dress in something that helps you feel put together or attractive, but don’t go overboard. For example, short and flowy sundresses with thin fabric and spaghetti straps are appropriate, while formal dresses that you would see if you were attending a formal gathering.

If you wear formal clothing, you will likely be disappointed or angry when it rips or gets stained because someone wasn’t paying attention and accidentally spilled something on your dress.

Comfort is the #1 Priority During an EDM Festival

As mentioned above, you will likely get hot and sweaty very quickly while at an EDM festival, which will last all night. This is why lightweight clothing and thin fabrics are preferable to other options. However, it is also essential to remember that you want to be comfortable. Hot and sweaty people won’t just surround you; you will be one yourself because of all of the dancing, jumping, and partying.

Be sure to wear clothes you will be comfortable in while moving. This is not the place to wear your super cute shirt that’s too tight and limits your range of motion. Comfort is vital when it comes to your clothing at an EDM festival.

You will need to be able to move around in your clothes and dance all night without feeling hindered, self-conscious, or bothered because you constantly pull up your shorts or adjust the straps of your shirt or dress. This will be incredibly limiting and get old quickly.

What Shoes Should You Wear During an EDM Festival?

Those bright red heels might make you look incredible, but the appearance of your shoes will not matter after jumping up and down in a large crowd for a long time or while walking to the next concert you are attending. Use EDMs as an excuse to wear your most comfortable flats, sneakers, or boots. Wear something that you can be active in without worrying about your feet.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold During an EDM Show

While it is true that most people will likely be in a bikini, shorts, or a tank top of some kind, EDM festivals also pose an excellent opportunity to try out some bold outfits and totally fit in! If you secretly want to wear hippie floral, a tight leopard print leotard, or even some neon yellow and orange spandex, this is your time to shine! Show up to the EDM festival with your friends in mismatched metallic tube tops and booty shorts to show you’re in a group.

If you want to wear fairy wings, cat ears, and face glitter, go ahead! You might even see other people wearing similar accessories.

Don’t Forget Your Sun Protection During the EDM Show

When choosing what to wear, remember that you likely will be exposed to a lot of sunlight at an EDM festival, so you must wear clothing that will protect you from the sun. You should always have sunscreen, but you can wear a hat or sunglasses that match your outfit to protect you.

Many people wear bucket hats, Panama hats, fedoras, straw hats, or baseball caps while at EDM festivals.

You can wear whatever you want to EDM festivals, as they don’t typically enforce a dress code. Just make sure that what you are wearing is comfortable, lightweight, and will protect your skin from the sun.

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