So Cal Summer Noise Review

Author: Eric Walden

rick thorneScreaming vocals and shredding guitar may not be the stereotypical sounds of summer, but David Christopher is on a mission to change that. On August 16th David asked twelve bands to rock the Sea Port Marina Hotel. Despite venue and timing issues the show rolled on in a similar fashion as his other event Rock The Arts just a few months before. From acoustic duo Ellis Bell to the rap / rock stylings of pro BMX rider Rick Thorne the bill featured an eclectic cross-section that dabbled in many different rock sub genres but kept a rock and roll sprit through and through.

The hotel’s second floor ballroom was converted into a makeshift venue complete with two stages. The DIY atmosphere really gave the show a local feel despite the distances some bands traveled to be there. The diverse set of bands helped change things up and keep it interesting throughout the night, but couldn’t hold an audience. Four bands into the show, this writer saw a clear change in attendees. The crowd slowly but surely went from a younger and trendy crowd to one closer resembling the average age of band members as the night went on. This change was ironically most evident when the youngest performers of the night (The Paralyzers, and Shot in the Dark) took the stage. Each band also seemed to have their own set of fans who promptly left after a set or two. Conclusion …

without JimyObscure Acoustic duo Ellis Bell kicked off the show and were quickly followed up by the horn heavy ska sounds of Without Jimy. This band takes the term “horn section” to a whole other level with their row of five horns blasting away alongside energetic guitar, bass, and drums. The Helen Hannas were up next with an old school vibe similar to The Doors. Through The Omens may not have had light on their stage, but their raw style and interesting stage antics kept cameras flashing through their entire set.

_DSC6500Shot in the Dark hopped on the main stage once the lighting situation couldn’t be solved and their set proved that Kevin Lyman made the right decision putting these kids on warped tour. The Paralyzers carried on the post hardcore trend dressed in matching red and black. These kids paved the way for old school rockers Lords of Ruin. They easily took the title of most aggressive crowd. False Puppet kept things a little more melodic with an energetic performance full of vocals similar to Billy Talent.

The Sex Tape Scandal was a clear standout paying homage to 80’s glam metal with a post hard core twist. Their glamcore set a new standard for metalheads stuck in the past. Firing All Cylinders took the punk route infusing their metal riffs with fast pacing and punk beats. Clearview put on a melodic set in front of the largest crowd of the night and announced they will be touring with The Sex Tape Scandal and Firing All Cylinders this November. Before giving the stage to the night’s headliner Rick Thorne.

After having his original set time pushed back more than 90 minutes Rick Thorne proved he was more than just a pro BMX rider and really impressed this writer. Despite a thinning crowd Rick Thorne poured his all into his 30 minute performance. His cover of “Killing In The Name” Rage Against the machine and Rancid’s “Fall Back Down” were a nice twist, but “Whoa Yeah” was the track that really got the crowd moving and a fantastic finale to his set.

Through the OmensOverall So Cal Summer Noise had major potential, but an obscure venue and delayed set times held it back from greatness. Those fans who stuck around for the 9 hour event were treated to a smorgasbord of post hardcore, metal, hard rock, and ska bands that sometimes fly under the radar. With ticket prices costing attendees just $1.25 per band this festival is a steal, but having the show run 90 minutes behind schedule left Rick Thorne a measly crowd. By the Barricade recommends the next So Cal Summer Noise if you are looking for new music, but it may have some DIY bumps along the way.

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Author: Eric Walden

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