Eric Walden Eric Walden – Founder / Author (Seal Beach, California)

After writing on for the better part of 2013 Eric started By the Barricade to give bands of all calibers a chance to share their story through articles, interviews, and reviews. His work on the site’s Facebook page has transformed By the Barricade from a small idea into a full time occupation along with the help of his fellow team members.


Susan Hollingsworth

Susan Proctor – Author / Editor (Seal Beach, California)

If working for Tumaini International helping aids orphans in Kenya isn’t enough, Susan spends almost every waking hour going to shows, doing interviews and editing articles. Her work behind the scenes is only rivaled by her sheer dedication to promoting bands. From Pennywise to other guys she’s covered it all, and been with By the Barricade since day one!


Nick Kress

Nick Kress – Author (Houston, Texas)

This classically trained music guru has played guitar, drums, bass, and vocals in various bands throughout the duration of his life. Currently, Nick is a guitar instructor who has a serious passion for punk rock, and an even stronger will to write!


Elizabeth Porch

Elizabeth Porch – Author (Kansas City, Missouri)

With a passion for living life through the camera lens, Elizabeth is ready to share the joys of the Midwestern music scene with as many eys as possible. Now, with an outlet to share words and images, she is ready to tackle whatever is thrown her way.


Nathan Landau

 Nathan Landau – Author (Los Angeles, California)

Arizona native Nathan Landau has been heavily involved in the Phoenix metal scene. Whether it be creating, drumming, producing, or marketing Nathan gives it his all. Now living in Los Angeles, Nathan is exploring the various facets and outlets for metal culture in LA and Orange County. He hopes to bring his experience and stories from historic Southern California venues straight to By the Barricade.


Grant Terris

 Grant Terris – Web Development (San Luis Obispo, California)

Since day one Grant believed in the ideas behind By the Barricade. He has kept the site afloat with his online maintenance, design, and improvements. Without his help By the Barricade would be nothing more than a few handwritten notes.


Jen Reightley

 Jen Reightley – Photographer (Fullerton, California)

Jen’s experience with Big Wheel Magazine makes her photo contributions unparalleled. Heading up the staff at XXVII Magazine might be a taxing job, but that hasn’t stopped her from bringing the site’s photo department to life. All of her work is available at


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